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    Getting your DA:O/DA2 Character ready for Post-Trespasser!

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  1. Cyrellian

    Cyrellian [WIP]

    Name: Cyrellian Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth: Occupation: Companion(s): N/A Class: Mage Specialization: Weapons & Armor: Languages: Tevene, Common, Ancient Tevene (written, not fluent) Non-Combat Skills: Arcane Lore, Research, Housekeeping Combat Skills...
  2. Cyrellian

    Hi! :)

    Hi all! This is Dreams (the person who joined Discord a day or so ago). I've almost got my profile finished, so I figure I might as well post my intro! I'm 31, female, love to do art/draw/play games. I live at home with my parents and graduated from college quite a bit of time ago. I've...