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  1. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Fetterless In The City Of Chains [Closed]

    The Knight-Lieutenant seemed apprehensive about entering what was to be his new, shared quarters. She wondered the reason behind that. The Knight-Commander had already extended her apologies that Ser Cullen would have to room with another templar beneath his rank. Kirkwall's Circle had taken in...
  2. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Fetterless In The City Of Chains [Closed]

    The Knight-Lieutenant was understandably standoffish, Hanamene noted. Her own fault, that, she wagered. With maybe a handful of exceptions, first impressions had rarely been a strong suit of hers. She and the other recruits had been unfair to Ser Cullen, besides. Forming opinions of him before...
  3. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Champing At The Bit [Closed]

    (Very Early Drakonis, 9:41 - post-Teagan's ousting, but sometime pre-In Hushed Whispers resolution - w/ Varric Tethras) A single rider charged toward Haven, upon a well-lathered and pale buckskin horse, startling a train of caravans that seemed likewise bound for the village. It caused...
  4. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Fetterless In The City Of Chains [Closed]

    The gesture seemed to appease the Knight-Commander enough, if not Ser Cullen. Hanamene hadn't expected a thank you, however. It became more evident to her that, judging from the Knight-Lieutenant's expression, he'd clearly overheard at least some of what she and the other recruits had been...
  5. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Fetterless In The City Of Chains [Closed]

    Rumours about a templar named Cullen Rutherford had arrived in Kirkwall weeks before the man himself. This being the case, and although she rarely humoured gossip, Hanamene had a hard time ignoring the accounts tied to the name. They were far too specific to be untrue and, as such, she'd a mind...
  6. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Grand Forest Villa: Templar Sanctuary [Plot Setting]

    -ish. More devoted to House Guerrin post-Trespasser but this all seems like planning some ways ahead, so I'm sure I can drum up a reason for her to be back in Kirkwall again before AAS prompts. Maybe Hal (her old boss/surrogate father figure) got married or something lol Hana can swing by the...
  7. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Flopping In the Flophouse

    The minstrel went on to share what a zest for life truly meant to her and Hanamene listened as intently as those that had collected around them to do the same. Nicolette had as much talent in storytelling as she had in music, it appeared. Two talents that oftentimes worked well together, in...
  8. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Undercity Blues [Complete]

    "I’m a writer, not a dragon-hunter, Scrappy. It’s probably not a dragon down there anyway; you’d know it by now if it was," Varric assured, "But whatever is down there is likely to need more than one person to clear out. And if it’s darkspawn -" his tone shifted, enough that Hanamene...
  9. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Grand Forest Villa: Templar Sanctuary [Plot Setting]

    Interested. The All At Sea one seems like it would be hilariously disastrous. Just picturing a bunch of people bickering about what to do when things go ass up. Keep me in the loop!
  10. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Blessed Are They Who Stand: The Siege of Kirkwall - DAI Timeline

    If I can figure out a way that makes sense, I'd like to join in the fun too. Likely just Hana sans Drakestone Reserve as the logistics of spiriting a small cavalry unit across the sea would be a big and impractical headache. She has some connections in Kirkwall by way of her former employer...
  11. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Sharp Dressed ... umm ... Man? [Closed]

    “Tal-Vashoth,” Gideon supplied. Hanamene bit into her fish cake, thoughtfully quiet in response, as she wondered upon the difference overall. “I do … enjoy reading, that is. And I do not mind you asking. My first father taught me to read when I was young and introduced me to poetry. He always...
  12. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Hanamene Thornecroft

    Backstory Update Summary: Hanamene joined the Inquisition for a time but eventually reclaimed tenancy over Thornecroft Cottage and the small plot of land surrounding it - effectively making her a vassal of the Arl of Redcliffe. She now divides most of her time between serving House Guerrin's...
  13. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Flopping In the Flophouse

    “Spilled alcohol. And some candle wax,” the minstrel’s unelaborated response was a kindness. Hanamene likely didn’t want to consider the answer to her own question for too long. Present occupants of the flophouse aside, buildings in Lowtown had a tendency to house a rotating mix of residents...
  14. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Rika's Journey to Kirkwall

    Hana's in Kirkwall, if you don't mind rp-ing with non-canons too ;) she's a hot mess. Welcome to the game, either way!
  15. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Slow Trot

    I've been quiet, I know! Life got nutty and I've been having a bit of writer's block but I plan on catching up on posts this week, though.
  16. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Slow Trot

    Hey friends, I'm going to be slow with posting this week for both Hana and Magnus and probably quiet on Discord, too. I have to meet a Thursday morning deadline, so I'll be pretty heads down over the next few days. Hopefully get to posts on Friday. If not (because my brain might be mush)...
  17. Hanamene Thornecroft

    September Featured Character Nominations

    I nominate Cauthrien MacLean because the player brought a lot of life and badass complexity to her character that we didn't get to see much of in the video game itself and now I actually have a hard time playing DA:O because I keep thinking Cauthrien's scenes were cut or something. That's how...
  18. Hanamene Thornecroft

    September Featured Thread Nominations

    I nominate The Cave for... reasons. :oops: <_< >_> fans self, clears throat before continuing I also nominate The Denerim Literary Society because the reaction of both Conrad and Nate to messere Tethras' smutty novel is hilarious to me. Conrad reading Nate's passage allowed is the definition of...
  19. Hanamene Thornecroft

    The Drakestone Reserve [Plotting/Open Invite]

    Overkill!!! calms down But for sure, Teagan has his loyalties. Never questioned that. I do see Hana's loyalty firmly in the region she called home, though, (largely because she feels guilty for having left) but she would do whatever Teagan bid of her given that he's the arl of that region...
  20. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Remembrance of Thornecrofts Past [Solo | Complete]

    Eventually the siblings descended the length of the winding trail leading down from their tucked away homestead in a narrow hilly region, north of a southern stretch of the Imperial Highway, to stand along the southeastern banks of Lake Calenhad. To the west and to the east, they could see...