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  1. Ferren Bairston

    (Hopefully) Brief Hiatus

    Hey everyone, I've stalled on writing this because I really wanted to just somehow overcome all of the stuff going on in my life right now and figure out a regular posting schedule, but it's just not happening. My last two books have bombed, which is forcing me to write the next ones fast, with...
  2. Ferren Bairston

    Fancy Meeting You Here [Closed]

    If he’d seen it written down someplace and not actually referring to him, Ferren might’ve thought hiring an assistant was a good idea. But for him to do it just felt a little wrong. Maybe he’d grown into accepting that he could do a decent job as Guard Captain, but having an assistant felt like...
  3. Ferren Bairston

    Giving it Your Brawl [Closed]

    “Sorry, no thanks,” she answered. “Already got plans for the coin he’s payin’ me. I’m sure you understand.” “Fair enough.” It was the last thing he said before leisurely rolling his shoulders--and then lunging at the woman. For a good while she just stood there, and Ferren thought he was...
  4. Ferren Bairston

    Night in the Woods [Closed]

    “I-” When she whirled to face him, he knew he’d fucked up. He just wasn’t sure how yet. “Ferren, are you trying to play matchmaker for me? Already? We’ve barely worked out what we are!” Her whisper--if it could be called that--came out hard. “And home is wherever I’m needed, not just anywhere.”...
  5. Ferren Bairston

    Addie Rescue!

    Thread arrangement sounds good to me. I would love for one of them to interfere--Sterling I think would be a better choice. Slightly less likely to inspire Edwin to stupidity than seeing his father. Because I like torturing my characters, I had toyed with the idea of him showing up while Nico...
  6. Ferren Bairston

    Night in the Woods [Closed]

    “Yes, well, that’s kind of the point of tonight, isn’t it?” Fair enough. Just because Ferren hadn't ever been good at it didn't mean other people weren't. “Stealth, laying low, observi - Ferren, what on earth are you doing in those clothes?” "Didn't have time to change," he said, that sheepish...
  7. Ferren Bairston

    Vamaya Harel

  8. Ferren Bairston

    Night in the Woods [Closed]

    Sometimes Ferren felt like a nursemaid who just happened to wear a Guard Captain’s uniform. Graham and Whelan weren’t talking to each other again in that passive aggressive sort of way Ferren never understood. He didn’t exactly like conflict either, but they’d been real vocal in their need to...
  9. Ferren Bairston

    Hi! :)

    Welcome! Give us a poke in Discord when you get your app up and we'll give it a look. :D
  10. Ferren Bairston

    Fancy Meeting You Here [Closed]

    Ferren had spent a good stretch of his life just not really making friends. Not any friends that were worth anything, anyway. Most of the people he’d known growing up were being paid by his dad or worked with his dad, so they stopped being his “friends” as soon as he joined the guard. By the...
  11. Ferren Bairston

    The Worst Circumstances [Closed]

    For all his faults, Ferren didn't really consider running his mouth too much about his personal life to be one that did all that much harm to anyone but him. He'd spent a lot of his life doing what his dad had done: Confessing his feelings to the bottom of a bottle and nobody else. It would've...
  12. Ferren Bairston

    Giving it Your Brawl [Closed]

    So Gavin had decided to come prepared. Fair enough, though it wasn’t doing much to help Ferren’s sympathy for the man. If he could afford some muscle--small as that muscle was--then he could afford to pay back his damn debts. “You’re the one who agreed to it,” the woman said, and the corner of...
  13. Ferren Bairston

    December Featured Character Nominations

    I nominate Isabela because from day one, she's been played beautifully in-character. It's always great to be able to "hear" and "see" a canon character saying and doing those things, and you definitely can in this instance. Question for Isabela: Is there such a thing as a boat that's too big...
  14. Ferren Bairston

    December Featured Thread Nominations!

    I nominate Wardens at the Gate because these threads take a lot of prep and coordination, and it's great to see an event of this scale play out. I nominate Into the Underground for the very same reason! I nominate A Little Fun For Once in Your Life (yes, another group thread!) because come...
  15. Ferren Bairston

    A Crack in the Wall [Complete]

    Ferren was never going to win any awards for being subtle. Unless there was a prize for "least subtle person to ever exist," maybe. Even if he'd managed to keep his discomfort from a stranger, Fergus of course picked up on it. And unlike a stranger, Fergus knew the reason. "I trust Nathaniel's...
  16. Ferren Bairston

    Festive This [Closed]

    Cleaned up, dressed down, and decently combed, Ferren stepped out of the house and committed himself to a night that would definitely be memorable, no matter what else it was. Hopefully not the sort of night that would have landed him in a cell were he not Guard Captain. They could skirt the...
  17. Ferren Bairston

    Fancy Meeting You Here [Closed]

    If he was just meeting Freddy for the first time, he'd probably think the man was a lot older than him. Maybe as high as his forties. There were lines that shouldn't be there, dark circles under his eyes, and even just sitting here he looked like he had some kind of weight pressing him down. It...
  18. Ferren Bairston

    November Featured Thread Nominations!

    I'd like to nominate Feeding the Masses because new characters! New timeline! And a good chance to explore the early days of the Inquisition. I'd also like to nominate Digging Deeper on behalf of Teagan Guerrin. It's recompense for being an overprotective father. Maybe. Also it amuses me. And...
  19. Ferren Bairston

    All the Broken Pieces [Complete]

    Ferren could tell as soon as the words left his mouth that something was wrong, and it didn't take a big leap to guess the thing that was wrong had to do with Duff. His heart caught in his throat, which was stupid. He'd barely known the wolf for any time at all. But he had a soft spot for...