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  1. Linette Botten

    Damn-sels Of Distress [Closed]

    “Depends.” Celeste soldiered up and finished a second serving of their current booze of choice. “For pure profit, rich and drunk is fine; we could make a game of it. But when it comes to mayhem, I prefer to fuck with the ones who really deserve it. Assholes, drunk or sober. Know any?” Rich and...
  2. Linette Botten

    Festive This [Closed]

    "Damn, this is nice." Linette could not help the smile blooming upon her lips. Sure, she was not typically a giver of the gifts, but damn if it did not feel good to know she picked out a good gift. Gifts weren’t always just for the giftee after all. Ferren had only scratched the surface of...
  3. Linette Botten

    Work and more work

    Apparently work has a mind to be a giant butt right now and is making me extra slow in getting out posts. Apologies to all those waiting on me. I am hoping I can get to some this week and the weekend to come in between preparing for my mom's visit for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, that's happening...
  4. Linette Botten

    Long Time No See [Closed]

    ((OOC: Firstfall 17, 9:35, Evening - Falon Varos)) New opportunities could be both thrilling and fucking terrifying. Linette found herself fluttering from one extreme to the next after returning to Denerim. She had a new job to start performing; something with far more responsibility than she...
  5. Linette Botten

    Grey Wardens & the Post-Trespasser Timeline

    I hear that Nathaniel dude is going Rp post trespasser.
  6. Linette Botten

    Damn-sels Of Distress [Closed]

    “And to assholes getting what’s coming to them,” Celeste toasted in return before sampling her own serving of swill. “Feel like looking for more assholes? I feel the need for a bit of mayhem for fun and profit.” Two of Linette’s favorite words right there: Mayhem and Profit. She liked those...
  7. Linette Botten

    Festive This [Closed]

    A you-just-hold-on-missy finger extended, Ferren bade Linette to wait while he went to rummage out her gift that he apparently had stored in a cupboard. If he was trying to hide it from her, he had to know that would have been of the first places Lin went looking. He returned to Lin with her...
  8. Linette Botten

    October Featured Character Nominations!

    I nominate Sati Adaar for featured character. While she has yet to start a thread, I love the idea that we have an inquisitor and I want to shout her from the rooftops. My question for her is: Boil, Scramble or Fry Solas? I nominate Mara Kerr for featured character. There are a lot of...
  9. Linette Botten

    October Featured Thread Nominations!

    I nominate Cry Havoc! because popcorn tastes good. So many characters working together in this one. I further nominate A Crack in the Wall because this plot has been in the works for a while and I'm super excited to see how it all plays out. All, Marcus and Darren 4 lyfe. I nominate to...
  10. Linette Botten

    3 Rogues, 1 Queen - Lin, Nathaniel, Zevran and Constance Thread Tracker

    Looking to add some more Zevran threads. These can either be in the past or present time. He is currently in Kirkwall.
  11. Linette Botten

    Festive This [Closed]

    "New hammer,” Ferren replied. "Dagger, too. Some clothes that aren't, y'know. Falling apart. Fergus is... well, you know how Fergus is.” Yeah Linette knew how Fergus was. He liked to give gifts to those that were important to him. Put a lot of thought into those gifts too. From within his...
  12. Linette Botten

    Friends in Low Places [Closed]

    “I make it a point to celebrate each and every one of my licks.” Interesting choice of words there. Licks could have a whole lot of meanings but given the man’s size, Lin’s gut told her he wasn’t talking about the fun kind. “For every one, a lesson learned. Your timing is perfect. Much as I’m...
  13. Linette Botten

    Fresh Off The Boat [Complete]

    “And whoever did this was obviously subtle … or lucky.” That was putting the finger on the nose right there and pretty much what Linette figured to be the case. For a tree from back-don’t-have-woods Anderfels, Conrad was pretty astute. “I wish you luck in finding the murderer,” Conrad...
  14. Linette Botten

    Mini-vacation time cometh

    On my way home now. I should be slowly getting back into posting as of tomorrow (Monday - Oct 8th). ~ Lin/Zev/Nathaniel/Constance
  15. Linette Botten

    Rika's Journey to Kirkwall

    I have a Zevran hanging around there in Firstfall 9:35 as well!
  16. Linette Botten

    Need help for Mobile Usage & Character Questions

    I've had a lot of success posting for the mobile app. As Cauthrien mentioned, give it a whirl and if the formatting ends up off, we can figure out a good solution.
  17. Linette Botten

    Fresh Off The Boat [Complete]

    “Vote?” Conrad arched a brow. “Ferelden has a king, yes? Does he not rule over the nobles? What if he does not agree with their vote?” Lin stuffed her hands in her pockets and rolled a shrug. A non-answer at best. Politics was something she never really bothered to learn much about because...
  18. Linette Botten

    Fresh Off The Boat [Complete]

    “Leads must be sparse, if that -” Conrad canted his head toward old Willard, “- was considered a possibility.” Sparse was one way to put it. Drought was another. Whoever did the deed on old Lene didn’t want the world to find out. They were damn good at covering their tracks. She knew when...
  19. Linette Botten

    Fresh Off The Boat [Complete]

    Conrad fell into an easy walk along Linette’s side. “What did this man lying about killing an elf have to do with the death of the Teyrn's wife?” he asked. Linette scratched at the back of her neck, everything suddenly starting to itch. A long hot bath was so going to be in order after...