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  1. Varric Tethras

    New Circus, Same Clowns [Closed]

    ((Wintermarch, 9:41; Cullen )) The good news was, Andvar and Ilsa’s baby boy wasn’t dead. The bad news was, Varric wasn’t sure how long that was going to last. The bigass hole in the sky had stopped growing, but it was still shitting demons with depressing regularity, and reports arriving...
  2. Varric Tethras

    Life Imitates Art ... Or Is It The Other Way Around? [AU] [Closed]

    (AU - 35 Dragon) Isabela , Aveline Vallen Donnen Brennokovic was not one to indulge in self-pity. Shit happened, like it or not, and the smart man figured out quickly that pissing and moaning over the things you couldn’t change meant maybe losing the opportunity to change the things that you...
  3. Varric Tethras

    Wouldn't You Give A Hand To A Friend? [Complete]

    ((10 Solace, 44 Dragon; Viscount’s Manor, Hightown)) As expected, relocating to Kirkwall had put just about everyone’s knickers in a knot, but ultimately, they had to agree that it made sense. A token force remained at Skyhold, vetting recruits and feeding out misinformation here and there...
  4. Varric Tethras

    Who's Afraid Of The Bald Dread Wolf? [Complete]

    ((Bloomingtide 13, 9:44, The Winter Palace; Sati Adaar )) Being a Viscount had its perks. Not near enough to make up for the headaches, mind you, but it did mean that none of the dignitaries buzzing around while the healers were looking Lucky over tried to shoo him off, and it meant that he was...
  5. Varric Tethras

    Truth Is Weirder Than Fiction [Complete]

    ((Wintermarch, 9:41; Haven; Sati Adaar )) He couldn’t make this shit up … and that was saying something. Varric stood outside the tent he’d managed to scrounge from Threnn, warming himself by the fire and mentally composing a thank you note to Cassandra for the four star accommodations. And...
  6. Varric Tethras

    How To Play Wicked Grace: The Varric Version

    I started with this Tumblr post from lotusflwr. Mixed in this one from Pavonisia. And added a couple of tweaks of my own, as a game played throughout the world will have local variations. WICKED GRACE: VARRIC'S VERSION - There are 5 suits in each deck, these suits...
  7. Varric Tethras

    Varric Tethras

    Name: Varric Tethras Race: Dwarf Gender: Male Date of Birth: 10 Guardian, 2 Dragon Occupation: Merchant Prince of House Tethras/Information Broker/Bestselling Author (no, really!) Companion(s): N/A At 4'8”, Varric is average height for a dwarf. The hair on his head is blonde, straight and...
  8. Varric Tethras

    Theoretically Speaking [Closed]

    ((8 Firstfall, 9:35; Morning; @Merrill )) Varric hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the previous night. The events in the Chantry kept thundering through his mind: blood and screams and light and smoke. And death. Lots of death. Varric had killed before: bandits, thugs, mercs. All had two things in...
  9. Varric Tethras

    What's In A Name? [Complete]

    ((14 Harvestmere, 35 Dragon, Mid-afternoon; @Aveline Vallen )) Guardsman Donnen Brennokovic stood outside the closed door to his captain’s office, wondering what he had done to earn the summons he had received. The list of possibilities was, unfortunately, not a short one. Guard-Captain...
  10. Varric Tethras

    Consciences And Consequences [Closed]

    ((9 Firstfall, 9:35; Afternoon; @Joscelyn Hawke )) Two days had not markedly improved Varric's mood, possibly helped along by the fact that he'd been sleeping like shit. Some comfort could be derived from the fact that nobody seemed to be looking for a mage, a pirate, an assassin, a noblewoman...