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  1. Ceridwyn Calder

    Giving it Your Brawl [Closed]

    She already knew before he spoke that this wasn’t going to end peacefully, and that was alright with her. She liked a good scrap, but she could tell by his size that she’d have to be careful or she’d come out of this with more than just a few bruises. Course, she hadn’t gotten this job because...
  2. Ceridwyn Calder

    Giving it Your Brawl [Closed]

    This was likely going to be the most lucrative job she had been able to pick up yet. Her employer wasn’t too bright, really, and he was kind of a jerk, but he hadn’t called her knife ears, which was always a damn plus. And she had been able to negotiate her price with him when she beat the hell...
  3. Ceridwyn Calder

    Ceridwyn Calder

    Name: Ceridwyn Calder Race: City Elf Gender: Female Date of Birth: 22 Wintermarch, 9:07 Occupation: Unemployed Mercenary, Occasional Bouncer Companion(s): N/A Ceridwyn is of an average stature for an elf, standing around 5’2. However, she’s a little bit broader than one would expect...