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  1. Isabela

    Walk The Prank [Closed]

    [[OOC: 4th Bloomingtide, morning, somewhere in the Waking Sea]] Celeste Monroe It was good to be alive. It was a thought that Isabela had entertained at least once a day since she had finally managed to procure a ship worth of living up to the name of Siren’s Call, and even more frequently...
  2. Isabela

    I Like Big Boats, I Cannot Lie [Closed]

    [[OOC: 22nd Firstfall, evening]] Celeste Monroe Isabela was bored. This was a dangerous state of affairs. It wasn’t as though the coin hadn’t been flowing recently. In fact she’d been doing pretty well for herself, but almost legitimately. She was introducing people to each other and they...
  3. Isabela

    She-nanigans and Her-ersy [Complete]

    [[OOC: 2nd Firstfall, afternoon.]] Celeste Monroe Isabela stood over the dying man, who was making a vain attempt to keep at least some of the blood in his body. Two others had already stopped twitching and were on their way to give their regards to whatever ran things on the other side of the...
  4. Isabela


    Name: Isabela Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 1st August, 9:04 Dragon Occupation: Captain! And also card shark, smuggler, entirely legitimate businesswoman. Companion(s): N/A Isabela’s hair is black-brown and shoulder length. It usually has a soft curl on its own and a...
  5. Isabela

    Reunited And It Feels So Good [Closed]

    [[OOC: 6th Firstfall, evening]] Zevran Some merchants were honest folk who simply wanted to make enough money through their hard-learned trade to support their family and maybe have a nice home. Isabela thought their vision boringly limited, but there was something to be said for being a...