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  1. Cam

    Never Go Against an Antivan When Wine is on the Line [Closed]

    (( 7 Justinia, 9:29 - Seleny, Antiva - Late afternoon, at a dock near the river - Sofia di Castelbuono )) According to Matteo, most people celebrated their nineteenth birthday by getting absolutely shit-faced in a tavern somewhere with a few of their closest asshole friends. Eva knew it to be...
  2. Cam

    It's Not What You Know... [Closed]

    (( Wintermarch, 9:33 - The Dragon's Flagon - Late Afternoon - Bernie )) The trick to running a (mostly) illegal business was all in who you knew. As it happened, Cam knew lots of people. She had a whole collection by this point, though some contacts were worth more than others. It might’ve...
  3. Cam


    Name: Eva Xuresh (Cam, Chameleon) Race: Human Gender: Genderfluid Date of Birth: 7 Justinian, 9:10 in Eastshore Occupation: Smuggler Companion(s): A raven named Trickster, Trix for short Cam is on the average side for a woman and short for a man, standing just shy of 5’5’’. With a lean...