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  1. Josephine Montilyet

    Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune [Closed]

    ((9:41 Dragon, summer, after this thread Sati Adaar )) Josephine paced upon the rug before the fireplace in her office. Summer was warming much of the rest of southern Thedas, but in the towering mountains where Skyhold nested like a miraculous jewel, snows still blanketed the earth outside...
  2. Josephine Montilyet

    An Offering Of Hope [Complete]

    ((15 Guardian, 41 Dragon; Haven, Late Afternoon; Sati Adaar )) Josephine moved along the dirt paths of Haven as swiftly as she dared. Eyes followed her progress, and too much haste would give rise to concern, which would give rise to rumors, which might give rise to panic. The Inquisition...
  3. Josephine Montilyet

    The Ambassador Is In The House!

    Josie is up for threads in the DAI timeline, and if anyone has any suggestions for the DAO/2 timeline, I'm game! PM or DM me on Cauthrien if you're interested!
  4. Josephine Montilyet

    Josephine Montilyet

    Name: Josephine Cherette Montilyet Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 9:12 Dragon Occupation: Merchant, Diplomat, Ambassador to the Inquisition Companion(s): None Though she stands at barely 5'6”, Josephine can often seem taller because of her unfailingly correct posture. Her...