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  1. Edwin Thatcher

    Canary in the Coal Mine [Correspondence]

    (( Arrives via courier, after this thread. - Aveline Vallen )) The unsigned letter is addressed to Guard-Captain Aveline Vallen. The script is flowing but free of embellishments. Mostly. Aveline, I believe if you asked me months ago, I would have told you not to trust me in anything. I know...
  2. Edwin Thatcher

    The Cut of Her Jib [Complete]

    (( 20 Firstfall, Late morning - Celeste Monroe )) Were Edwin still a noble, meeting Adelaide’s friends might have involved inviting them to a dinner party, or perhaps a salon in the Orlesian style. Fortunately he was no such thing, and he’d already met a good number of her new friends. Only one...
  3. Edwin Thatcher

    One Good Interrogation Deserves Another [Closed]

    (( 3 Firstfall, Evening - Joscelyn Hawke )) Turnabout's fair play. It was a common saying, though one Edwin hadn’t completely understood before. Oh, he got the jist of it well enough. One could not be faulted for doing unto others as they’d done unto them. But he’d been a soft boy, and even...
  4. Edwin Thatcher

    Edwin Thatcher

    Name: Rupert Edwin Orland (Edwin Thatcher) Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth: 22 Guardian, 9:07 Dragon in Kirkwall Occupation: Small-time ne’er-do-well Companion(s): N/A Though he’s trained himself into a cavalier persona, every now and again Edwin’s blue-grey eyes betray a vast...
  5. Edwin Thatcher

    Counting Coins [Complete]

    (( 20 Harvestmere - @Varric Tethras )) Edwin had made a decision. He was going to talk to Aveline. Clear the air, as it were. Discuss what had happened between them, what it meant, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that it had not been just an everyday occurrence for him. He was going to...
  6. Edwin Thatcher

    Somewhere Only We Know [Closed]

    (( 20 Harvestmere, Evening - @Aveline Vallen )) Edwin didn’t head to the Viscount’s Keep right away. No, that would be the action of a man who was suave and confident--or at least a man who cared little about the outcome of this meeting. He could admit to being none of those things right now...