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  1. Linette Botten

    Work and more work

    Apparently work has a mind to be a giant butt right now and is making me extra slow in getting out posts. Apologies to all those waiting on me. I am hoping I can get to some this week and the weekend to come in between preparing for my mom's visit for Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, that's happening...
  2. Linette Botten

    Long Time No See [Closed]

    ((OOC: Firstfall 17, 9:35, Evening - Falon Varos)) New opportunities could be both thrilling and fucking terrifying. Linette found herself fluttering from one extreme to the next after returning to Denerim. She had a new job to start performing; something with far more responsibility than she...
  3. Linette Botten

    Mini-vacation time cometh

    Just a heads up that I'll be gone Oct 3-7th. I'm going to Disneyland for a family trip. I'll be around on discord and able to talk in PMs on the board, but I will not be posting during those days cause... DISNEYLAND.
  4. Linette Botten

    Friends in Low Places [Closed]

    ((OOC: Firstfall 2, 9:35, Evening, @Magnus)) As much as stuff stayed the same in Highever, a lot had also changed. There was that whole human not human maybe human not human not-quite-an-alienage that was forming just beyond the South Wall. Fergus, being a big-hearted capital N noble, wanted...
  5. Linette Botten

    Festive This [Closed]

    ((OOC: Satinalia 9:35, Early Evening, @Ferren Bairston )) Fuckinalia. That was the term Linette and Ferren had for the fucking carousing amateur 24 hour party. People pretended (ok, some really didn’t pretend) to lose their inhibitions and really cut loose. What it meant more times than not...
  6. Linette Botten

    The Thedas: Timelines Wikia

    Joined the site and want to add your character to the wiki? Please use this template. Steps to use: Go to https://thedastimelines.wikia.com/wiki/Sample_Character_Profile Hit the Down Arrow Pick "Classic Editor" Select & Copy and content of the Edit box. Hit your Browser Back Button Click on...
  7. Linette Botten

    Linette Botten

    Name: Linette Botten Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 3 Harvestmere, 9:13 Dragon in Denerim Occupation: Spy-Baby-Master for Alistair Theirin Companion(s): N/A Storming in at 5’5”, Linette is a tiny little teapot full of steam (and maybe a bit of vinegar). Her no nonsense...
  8. Linette Botten

    Want to be an Affiliate?

    If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate with our board, leave a post in this section and let us know. We have an Affiliate's box on our bottom bar and require 88x31 banners. Please use submit the following to be considered: Board Name: Board Type: Board Address: Code: Here is our banner...
  9. Linette Botten

    Custom Text Colors

    If you have a text color you need added to the text color picker in the editor, please send me a PM and I will get that color added!
  10. Linette Botten

    3 Rogues, 1 Queen - Lin, Nathaniel, Zevran and Constance Thread Tracker

    Nathaniel Howe Rebound - Breanna Guerrin comes to visit the Warden Compound. Joyride - Nathaniel and Fergus Cousland enjoy a day away from Denerim together Step Up - Nathaniel asks Siali Arnith a question Death of a Salesman - His sister's husband is dead. Sounds like whiskey time. [Open...