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  1. Joscelyn Hawke

    Joscelyn Hawke

    Name: Joscelyn Emmaline Hawke (Josc) Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 6 Drakonis, 9:10 Occupation: Hightown Rabblerouser, Newly-Minter Noblewoman of Kirkwall Companion(s): Algernon, a chocolate colored mabari. Joscelyn is a rather petite woman, standing at 5’1. By the way she...
  2. Joscelyn Hawke

    Table Tableau [Closed]

    (( Harvestmere 25, 9:35. Evening. @Nicolette O'Hara )) Josc was already a bit far into her cups. Not falling down drunk too far, but definitely way too chatty and handsy too far. As such, she was in a great mood. She's already won a few card games, gave the money back to the losers, and bought...
  3. Joscelyn Hawke

    Laying a Foundation [Closed]

    (( Harvestmere 22, @Celeste Monroe )) This month had been a wild ride so far. Friends becoming more than friends, smugglers on a beach, to planning a party and somehow still finding time to do what mother requested of her. For now, she was taking it a little easy from the social urgency of...
  4. Joscelyn Hawke

    Walking A-Boat [Closed]

    (( Harvestmere 19, Afternoon, @Merrill )) A walk along the Wounded Coast. It was a good idea right? I mean she hadn’t had many jobs outside the city lately, and she wanted to make sure Merrill wasn’t feeling too cramped up in her home in the Alienage. Though Merrill always seemed to be in high...