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  1. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Through Thick and Thin [Closed]

    [[9:41, Wintermarch, three days after ‘The End of the World As We Know It’, morning]] Cauthrien The compound was not a good place for convalescents right now. A manic energy had followed Sofia and Cauthrien’s return to the city, as the city guard was scrambled and a detachment of templars and...
  2. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Of The Blood [Closed]

    [[OOC: 18th Wintermarch, 9:36, late morning]] Bernie During the journey to and from Orzammar, Sofia had determined that she was going to acclimatise to Ferelden’s weather. She had finally accepted that this was not going to happen, but she was still taken aback by how bitter it was this...
  3. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Carved In Stone [Closed]

    [[16th Haring, 9:35; morning]] Cauthrien The audience with the king hadn’t gone horribly wrong, and Sophia had quite enjoyed all the diplomatic pleasantries. It brought back memories of the etiquette lessons of her childhood – although her enthusiasm for official events had largely lain with...
  4. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Get Your War Paint On [Complete]

    [[OOC: Haring 9th, midday, somewhere on the route between Amaranthine and Orzammar]] Cauthrien One of the upsides of being a Grey Warden was guaranteed breaks for meals. If their group had been required to ignore midday sustenance in order to keep up their pace, everybody would have been...
  5. Sofia di Castelbuono

    A Breath of Fresh Air [Closed]

    [[OOC: 23rd Firstfall, morning, the Grey Warden compound]] Mysaria Grivia Sofia’s arrival the previous day had been taken up mostly with getting over the news that templars had murdered Wardens without being caught, and getting herself settled into her room. Other than the mess hall, those had...
  6. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Life Cannot Be Planned [Solo]

    [[OOC: Spread out over a few years. Starts at the di Castelbuono Estate, Antiva City, 9:08.]] Sofia could still remember the exact cadence of Tommo’s hiss of pain. He’d snatched his hand away from the offending nail, the head sticking just enough above the tabletop to have snagged his skin. His...
  7. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Buongiorno, Buongiorno! [Closed]

    [[OOC: 22nd Firstfall, morning]] @Cauthrien The crew of the Grey Dawn were hard at work, throwing ropes around, running about the deck and, from the sound of it, dropping heavy objects on the timbers at regular intervals. The sounds crept through the decking to Sofia’s cabin, where she was...
  8. Sofia di Castelbuono

    Sofia Elena Ami di Castelbuono

    Name: Sofia Elena Ami di Castelbuono Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 1st Drakonis 9:01 Occupation: Grey Warden Companion(s): - Sofia has curling black hair that reaches her shoulderblades, and is normally worn either loose or neatly threaded back with a series of clasps. Her...