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  1. Cullen

    Fetterless In The City Of Chains [Closed]

    [Early Firstfall, 9:31; Hanamene Thornecroft] The voyage had been unpleasant. Cullen had found it difficult to breathe below-deck and thus spent the majority of his time amongst the working crew of the vessel bound for Kirkwall. He slept little during the whole of the journey. The ship's...
  2. Cullen

    Spellbound [Closed]

    [A few days after In Hushed Whispers - Drakonis, 9:41; Sati Adaar] The Inquisition was now bound to the rebel mages, and they to the Inquisition in turn. A decision had been made and an alliance had been struck, neither of which the Commander publicly denounced nor embraced. The notion of mages...
  3. Cullen

    Gallows Humor [Solo]

    Haring, 9:31 - Templar Barracks - Late Evening (OOC: used Samson's background and this short story for inspiration) It had been a month since his transfer. Cullen hadn't been sorry to leave Ferelden behind, but he was grateful that Knight-Commander Greagoir had not demoted him - he was still a...
  4. Cullen

    Cullen's Tracker/Timeline

    Dragon Age: Origins & Dragon Age II Threads: Open to formative Ferelden plots, likely in and around Honnleath/Lake Calenhad/Redcliffe/etc. areas; South Reach/Greenfell are possibilities too. Up for some pre or early-Blight Circle drama? Kirkwall plots? Drop me a note. 9:24 The year Cullen...
  5. Cullen

    Grand Forest Villa: Templar Sanctuary [Plot Setting]

    Big thanks to Cauthrien for making the sanctuary thread official. Grand Forest Villa Mercenary Fortress turned Templar Sanctuary Thedas Timelines board location: here. used to belong to House Guerrin before the Fifth Blight, so potential for some awkwardness there ownership changed hands so...
  6. Cullen

    Cullen Stanton Rutherford

    Name: Cullen Stanton Rutherford Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth: 27 Kingsway, 9:11 Dragon Occupation: Veteran of the Inquisition (Semi-Retired Commander); Former Templar Companion(s): A yet-unnamed Mabari that followed him back from Orlais Cullen has wavy, dirty blonde hair. It was far...