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  1. Fergus Cousland

    The Teyrn is Back In Town [Closed]

    (( Drakonis 2, 9:44, Before noon, The Palace Alistair Theirin )) The journey had not been without its bumps and bruises. It had been years since he had brought the whole family to Denerim, though he had been a few times on business on his own. The dangers of the rifts had made him a bit more...
  2. Fergus Cousland

    Christmas Cards!

    Hey guys! I'd love to send some Christmas cards out this year. If you'd like to get a Christmas Card from me, fill out this form: Mena's Christmas Card List If you sign up early, it may also include a small gift :) <3 you guys
  3. Fergus Cousland

    Work and Cats (oh my)

    Work ramped up to overwhelming heights this week (I overbooked myself without realizing it, augh). Couple that with an emergency trip to the vet and following around my sick kitty to make sure he's okay, I've been a bit scattered. I'll still try to get some plot threads up tonight if I get a...
  4. Fergus Cousland

    Approved Profiles and Posting

    Greetings T:Ters! Our official opening is coming up on October 1st! To help facilitate that change, we ask that you not post on any character after that date until you have an approved profile for them. If you need any help getting your profiles sorted or have questions about the process, we...
  5. Fergus Cousland

    Fergus Cousland

    Name: Fergus Cousland Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth: 11 Cloudreach, 9:4 Occupation: Teyrn of Highever Companion(s): Boris - Horse Fergus stands at 6’1, with a broad muscular frame that identifies his warrior training. His hair -- dark brown with hints of auburn -- rests just...
  6. Fergus Cousland

    The South Wall Debacle Open Call

    This post is to provide a more detailed explanation of the South Wall situation in Highever, as well as provide a slow moving plot setting for individuals that may be interested. When certain events happen that will effect the setting, they will be updated in this thread. What I hope to...
  7. Fergus Cousland

    Highever Restored [Plot Setting]

    The Highever Restoration project years ago was a moderate success. Even with the bumps along the road with riots, Highever is a thriving community today. There are many opportunities for new players and old to find plots worth their while in the Highever area. Highever Restored Cultural...
  8. Fergus Cousland

    Mena's Multiple Minds - A Thread Tracker in Progress

    If you are interested in threading with me, feel free to send me a PM on @Fergus Cousland and we can work out the details! Thread turnaround can vary between a few days to a few weeks depending on my work schedule.
  9. Fergus Cousland

    Well, Uh, Hi... [Closed]

    (( Harvestmere 13, Early afternoon, @Breanna Guerrin )) Fergus was milling about the market, trying to decide if he should go see if that vendor Leliana had shown him last month was open down by the bridge. The sweets were good, and he had been back at least once after their day traveling the...
  10. Fergus Cousland

    Silver and Gold [Closed]

    (( Satinalia, Mid afternoon, @Ferren Bairston )) Fergus was glad to be home. He had enjoyed his time in Denerim, but he had been gone from Highever way too long. The ghosts that normally haunted him in these halls were a little less insistent right now, and he intended on enjoying that...
  11. Fergus Cousland

    Joyride [Closed]

    (( Harvestmere 26, Mid Morning, Outside of Denerim, @Nathaniel Howe )) The morning air was crisp, and he felt the slightest sting in his cheeks from it. Winter was approaching fast, and he hoped to be back in Highever for the first snowfall of the year. The cloak he had one was warm thankfully...