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  1. Fergus Cousland

    Jump In! We're Going To Redcliffe! [Closed]

    “We’d be marching yesterday if I could have arranged it,” came the king's reply. Fergus would have marched already himself had the rifts and other dangers not spread themselves through the country. “Breanna and the children are well, I take it?” "They are, your Majesty. They send along their...
  2. Fergus Cousland

    The Teyrn is Back In Town [Closed]

    He was lead in by Donal, a good man who he been in the King's service for years now. He wondered if the men had the same rapport he had with Ferren. Though probably not the more intimate adventures he'd had with his own Knight Captain. He cleared his throat, trying to banish such a thought, and...
  3. Fergus Cousland

    Jump In! We're Going To Redcliffe! [Closed]

    Fergus was in his study, going over the information he had on the craziness that was happening all through the bannorn. The rifts, the darkspawn sightings not far from Highever, and then there was the problem with Redcliffe. With everything that was going on at home, Fergus knew he should be...
  4. Fergus Cousland


  5. Fergus Cousland

    The Teyrn is Back In Town [Closed]

    (( Drakonis 2, 9:44, Before noon, The Palace Alistair Theirin )) The journey had not been without its bumps and bruises. It had been years since he had brought the whole family to Denerim, though he had been a few times on business on his own. The dangers of the rifts had made him a bit more...
  6. Fergus Cousland

    Addie Rescue!

    Thread arrangement and Sterling location also sounds good to me. I'll put it on priority once we have it rolling. Let me know if you need me to do a start for that group.
  7. Fergus Cousland

    December Featured Character Nominations

    I nominate Alistair Theirin because I really enjoy the portrayal with just the right balance of humor and maturity. My question for Alistair's player: How do you think Alistair would react to the knowledge about Fiona being his mother? I nominate Sofia di Castelbuono because I've really...
  8. Fergus Cousland

    December Featured Thread Nominations!

    I nominate Irregular Hoofbeats [Closed] because I'm a sucker for Father/Daughter interactions. I nominate Let It Snow! [Open] because I'm still enjoying reading the interactions between the three of them. I nominate A King's Fate, A Son's Choice [Closed] because I'm really interested in where...
  9. Fergus Cousland

    The Way I Feel [Closed]

    “I think you about covered it,” came a quiet answer from Nate. It just stoked the flames Fergus felt in his gut. "I’m getting very very drunk.” came shortly after, with Nathaniel falling once again to the ground. How often had Fergus found himself in a place exactly like this. Drop down drunk...
  10. Fergus Cousland

    A Crack in the Wall [Complete]

    "No." he said almost immediately, and Fergus watched him as he tried to recover from how quickly he uttered it. "I mean... that'd be dumb. And childish and unprofessional. No, we need the best people for the job. Doesn't matter how I feel about them." Fergus smiled at him, but he was still...
  11. Fergus Cousland

    Joyride [Closed]

    “I may have to eat one of everything,” Nathaniel said, and the laughter that followed didn't diminish what felt like a serious undertone of his words. "If you so wish. We could sample everything this fine town has to offer," Fergus said, still affecting the accent as they moved closer to the...
  12. Fergus Cousland

    Well, Uh, Hi... [Closed]

    “As far as I know, it is merely discrediting. There has been some action that has taken place against some of our caravan trades from the north, but it has been handled thanks to Chantry intervention. Nor does it necessarily have anything to do with Spearman. That is the most concerning matter...
  13. Fergus Cousland

    November Featured Thread Nominations!

    I nominate Feeling In-Patient because I really enjoy the interaction between commander and subordinate. Niamh is eager to be better -- both her injury and as a warden -- and Nathaniel certainly shows off his supportive side. I nominate When Nugs Fly because I am so excited to see both of these...
  14. Fergus Cousland

    A Crack in the Wall [Complete]

    "I did," Ferren said when he asked about his mercenary work. "Lot of it out of Orzammar, which'd be where my contacts are. Got a couple other people in mind who're here now, but dunno if they'll bite. Also hard t' tell with mercenaries how trustworthy they are, but I figure if I pay them enough...
  15. Fergus Cousland

    Christmas Cards!

    Hey guys! I'd love to send some Christmas cards out this year. If you'd like to get a Christmas Card from me, fill out this form: Mena's Christmas Card List If you sign up early, it may also include a small gift :) <3 you guys
  16. Fergus Cousland

    The Way I Feel [Closed]

    He still could taste the bile in the back of his throat, and he did everything he could to move to where that portrait would not be in his peripheral. Once he spoke, Nathaniel laughed bitterly and briefly. Fergus felt his nostrils flair, and he was once again assailed with the scent of whiskey...
  17. Fergus Cousland

    Joyride [Closed]

    “I make no promises when it comes to your bed,” Nathaniel added before Fergus shouted for them to start their competition. It was a bit of a distraction to say the least. He didn't think the bed would be too terrible a loss, despite how carefully he had picked it out. Even with the mental...
  18. Fergus Cousland

    Work and Cats (oh my)

    Quick update, I know folks are waiting on stuff for me. I started my ADs again and it's got me all sorts of screwed up atm. I will get to stuff as soon as I can.
  19. Fergus Cousland

    October Featured Thread Nominations!

    I nominate Step Up because Siali gets a well earned promotion, and I like how Nathaniel presented it to her. I nominate Theoretically Speaking because giving things names is one of Varric's strengths, and naming rats with Merrill is a delight to read. I nominate Unrest In The Alienage because...