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  1. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Champing At The Bit [Closed]

    (Very Early Drakonis, 9:41 - post-Teagan's ousting, but sometime pre-In Hushed Whispers resolution - w/ Varric Tethras) A single rider charged toward Haven, upon a well-lathered and pale buckskin horse, startling a train of caravans that seemed likewise bound for the village. It caused...
  2. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Slow Trot

    Hey friends, I'm going to be slow with posting this week for both Hana and Magnus and probably quiet on Discord, too. I have to meet a Thursday morning deadline, so I'll be pretty heads down over the next few days. Hopefully get to posts on Friday. If not (because my brain might be mush)...
  3. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Remembrance of Thornecrofts Past [Solo | Complete]

    [OOC: 25 Bloomingtide, 9:25 – Easternmost Fringes of the Arling of Redcliffe, Ferelden - Mid-Day - w/ @Magnus combined] A local wedding was taking place in a clearing by the lake not far north, down the hill, from the Thornecroft cottage. A young girl sat upon a low stone wall, watching it from...
  4. Hanamene Thornecroft

    The Drakestone Reserve [Plotting/Open Invite]

    Changed the name to Drakestone Reserve so there's no confusion with Blackstone Irregulars - also created a Wiki page for the Drakestone Reserve here. Alright, so as mentioned in Thornecroft Timelines, Hanamene eventually goes back to Redcliffe and serves the Arling. It can can play out...
  5. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Hanamene Thornecroft

    Name: Hanamene Rosamund Thornecroft Race: Human (Elf-Blooded) Gender: Female Date of Birth: 11 Wintermarch, 9:12 Occupation: Private Guard Companion(s): N/A Subtly wavy hair, usually worn loose and is either described as dark blonde or, perhaps, a very light brown. It is long but...
  6. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Thornecroft Timelines

    Combined for Hana and @Magnus, since so much overlap exists between them. Thornecroft Timelines 9:07, Solace Hinterlands, Ferelden Caethan Farkas Thornecroft was born. 9:12, Wintermarch Hinterlands, Ferelden Hanamene Rosamund Thornecroft was born. 9:14, Justinian Kinloch Hold, Ferelden...
  7. Hanamene Thornecroft

    We All Have Pain, We All Have Sorrow [Closed]

    [1 Harvestmere, 9:35; Mentioned In This Post] Fine folded vellum, bearing a Chantry seal - addressed to Serah H. R. Thornecroft. The letter remains unread, the seal unbroken but the contents therein are thus: Dearest Hana, Please accept my sincerest apologies, should this letter be found...
  8. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Feeling Low In Lowtown [Solo | Closed]

    [OOC: 1 Harvestmere, 9:35, Dawn - w/ Hal] "Hanamene Nughead Thornecroft! Wake up!" A woman, not a young girl, responded with a long groan. It fell on deaf ears. "You can sleep like the dead when you're actually dead, woman," the dwarf rebuked her. "Hal," Hana groaned, by then still refusing...
  9. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Into Dust [Mage Hunt + Closure]

    I wanted to start an open-to-discussion planning thread for an idea I had. Eventually, not right now, I'd like to put together a thread involving catching the Blood Mage that killed Hana's templar father. Less in a hurry with getting to this since we've got a lot of time before we get to the...
  10. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Undercity Blues [Complete]

    3 Firstfall, 35 Dragon – Evening - Darktown & Lowtown - w/ @Varric Tethras and Hal (NPC) All it took to make living in Lowtown feel less dismal, was the occasional excursion to Kirkwall’s undercity of Darktown. Hanamene would be hard-pressed to find more dismal surroundings than that - outside...
  11. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Aliana's Tracker - Hanamene Thornecroft & Magnus

    Art by eilidh (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) Current Threads Early Firstfall, 9:31 - Kirkwall Fetterless In The City Of Chains w/ Cullen Very Early Drakonis, 9:41 Champing At The Bit w/ Varric Tethras Planned Threads Finding her father's killer! *shakes fist* (DA2 timeline) First of likely many...
  12. Hanamene Thornecroft

    Redcliffe Forever Fealty Sings [Closed]

    [OOC: tag @Teagan Guerrin ] A letter accompanying a polished, wooden box of silver coin, addressed and delivered to the Arl of Redcliffe via Chantry courier. The missive, at the time of its writing, was dated 20 Kingsway, 9:35. Your Most Gracious Lord, I hope this missive finds you and yours...