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  1. Cauthrien

    Standing Calmly At The Crossroads, No Desire To Run [Closed]

    ((Wintermarch, 9:41; 2 days after Through Thick And Thin; late morning; Sofia di Castelbuono )) The stables were deserted, more than half the stalls empty, the only sound the occasional snort and the shuffling of hooves in hay. A sizable contingent of Grey Wardens had departed an hour earlier...
  2. Cauthrien

    Inquisition Timeline .... ehrm .... Timeline

    Like the title says, this post is intended to give a timeline of key events in the Inquisition to Post-Trespasser period, along with listing existing threads in the timeline in rough order to help with planning. It's going to take me some time to complete, & I'll try to keep it updated as...
  3. Cauthrien

    Blessed Are They Who Stand: The Siege of Kirkwall - DAI Timeline

    Date: Harvestmere/Firstfall, 9:41 Dragon Plot: Following the failure of Corypheus' plots to assassinate Empress Celene and use the Orlesian Grey Wardens to create a demon army, the Venatori and Red Templars lay siege to Kirkwall, seeking to claim the City of Chains and use its ancient...
  4. Cauthrien

    Situation Normal: All F***ed Up [Closed]

    ((19 Haring, 35 Dragon; Deep Roads; Sofia di Castelbuono )) It had been two days since the Wardens had entered the Deep Roads from Orzammar. Or maybe not quite two days. Or maybe a little more. Already, time had taken on a nebulous quality in the absence of the rising and setting of the sun...
  5. Cauthrien

    The End Of The World As We Know It [Complete]

    ((Wintermarch, 9:41; Outside Denerim; Sofia di Castelbuono )) The sun was shining in a cloudless blue sky, but the air was frigid and the snow that blanketed the ground would not even begin to melt for another month or more. The breaths of human and horse alike billowed in the air as Cauthrien...
  6. Cauthrien

    Wardens On Parade [Group 1, Closed]

    ((15 Haring, 9:35; Mid-morning; Orzammar, Chamber of the Assembly; Niamh , Sofia di Castelbuono , Cordelia )) For centuries, the Assembly of the Clans had played a key role in the political structure of Orzammar. The eighty deshyrs, made up of representatives from the most influential noble...
  7. Cauthrien

    Winter In Ferelden?

    The article Surviving Winter In The Middle Ages has some interesting information and links. The technology level is probably comparable to that available to the non-magical, non-noble populations of Thedas.
  8. Cauthrien

    Wardens At The Gate [Group 1, Closed]

    ((14 Haring, 9:35; Mid-day; Alongside Into The Underground ; Niamh , Sofia di Castelbuono , Cordelia )) The skies were clear overhead, but the towering pine and spruce trees of the Gherlen Pass blocked enough of the sun that they no longer needed to wear the slitted leather goggles to prevent...
  9. Cauthrien

    Letter To Orzammar [Correspondence, Complete]

    ((12 Firstfall, 9:35)) Cauthrien sat at her desk, blank parchment before her, quill and ink at hand. She knew well enough the kind of address expected when writing to a king, particularly one as prickly about his status as the dwarven king was reputed to be. King Bhelen had never quite shaken...
  10. Cauthrien

    Climate & Seasons In Thedas

    The Dragon Age Setting - better known as Thedas - currently comprises the southern hemisphere of the world it is on. Assuming the same planetary shape, atmospheric behaviors and laws as physics as Earth (because I’m not sufficiently geeky to make all of those up from scratch), Sheron & Par...
  11. Cauthrien

    Griffons, Anyone?

    Hey, Grey Warden players! So, for those of you who have not read Dragon Age: The Last Flight, the synopsis is here. In looking at the timeline for the Exalted Age, the Fourth Blight & the rise of Ferelden as a kingdom overlap to a high degree, with Grey Warden outposts established as early as...
  12. Cauthrien

    Grey Wardens & the Post-Trespasser Timeline

    Calling all Grey Warden players! The new Inquisitor is working with the moderating team to get the world state of the post-Trespasser timeline finalized. Ferelden's Grey Wardens will not be MIA during Inquisition, and will not be part of those compromised by Corypheus. They will have assisted...
  13. Cauthrien

    Those Left Behind [Closed]

    ((12 Firstfall, 9:35; Evening in the Grey Warden compound; Niamh )) Cauthrien re-read the letter again, leaning back in her chair with a sigh. Damn it. She had hoped that Velanna would remain … if not with Nathaniel, then with the Wardens. Instead, she had done neither, returning to her life...
  14. Cauthrien

    Cordelia's Assassin's Creed Awesomeness

    When she's not casting spells and kicking darkspawn butts, Cordelia's player is a journalist for the gaming website Kotaku. Her most recent accomplishment is a massive and in-depth review of the equally massive new release, Assassin's Creed Odyssey. She spent dozens of hours playing the game...
  15. Cauthrien

    Life Happens

    I'll be limited in activity the rest of the week. We are driving back to Texas to bring two freezers full of meat back to Oklahoma (doable, but a pain in the ass). I'll have my computer with me, but time is going to be at a premium, so don't expect any posts until this weekend. I'll be reachable...
  16. Cauthrien

    Cauthrien MacLean

    Name: Cauthrien MacLean Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: 3 Harvestmere, 3 Dragon Occupation: Warden-Constable of the Ferelden Grey Wardens Companion(s): Dragon, a large, intelligent and temperamental blue roan gelding given to her as a gift (or a joke; she remains unsure which)...
  17. Cauthrien

    Dealing With The Devil [Solo, Complete]

    (( 29 Drakonis, 9:35, Late Morning, Fort Drakon )) Cauthrien pulled back on the reins, and Dragon obediently halted at the foot of the steps leading into Fort Drakon. He'd been well behaved on the ride over ... suspiciously so. She dismounted, handing off the reins to a groom who approached...
  18. Cauthrien

    Cauthrien And The Dragon [Solo, Complete]

    ((29 Drakonis, 9:35, morning)) A year and a half in Denerim had been more than Cauthrien had spent in any one spot since the Blight, and more than enough for her to develop the settled routine that she preferred. When her eyes opened, she knew that it was roughly two hours before dawn. She rose...
  19. Cauthrien

    The Center Cannot Hold [Solo, Complete]

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the...
  20. Cauthrien

    Woman's Work [Solo, Complete]

    ((OOC Warning – Includes a graphic birthing scene, and no happy ending.)) (Springtime 9:15) “Cauthy!” Cauthrien looked up to see Meghan running across the freshly plowed earth and hauled back on the reins, pulling the team to a halt. “What is it?” she asked, toeing at a clod of dirt with her...