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  1. Dristan Xuresh

    Did Someone Call For a Healer? [Closed]

    (( 30 Firstfall - Denerim Docks, Mid-Afternoon - Kiran Xuresh )) Dristan hadn’t expected to stay in Denerim for more than a few days. To be frank, he hadn’t expected to end up stranded in the midst of a snowstorm with a woman who absolutely detested him, either, but that was the turn his luck...
  2. Dristan Xuresh

    Dristan Xuresh

    Name: Dristan Xuresh Race: Human Gender: Male Date of Birth: 3 Kingsway, 8:94 in Eastshore Occupation: Apothecary Companion(s): N/A Dristan is of average height with a lean build that sometimes appears gaunt in unflattering light. His olive skin is in contrast to his light blue-grey...