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  1. Constance Theirin

    Fires of Rebirth [Solo - Complete]

    ((OOC: Haring 20, 9:34 - City of Amaranthine)) The death of a spouse was not something new to Constance. Two husbands, she'd had. Two husbands, she lost. One she missed more than she had thought possible. The other she missed less not at all. She understood something of grief and the guilt of...
  2. Constance Theirin

    The Morning After [Complete]

    ((OOC: Cloudreach 3, 9:35, Morning, Alistair Theirin)) Peter loved to accompany Constance to Denerim. If the excitement of seeing his uncle was not enough, trips to Denerim also meant spending nights at the castle with the King’s nephew and nieces. Peter adored those children. The children of...
  3. Constance Theirin

    Constance Theirin

    Name: Constance Theirin Race: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth: Drakonis 5, 9:05 Dragon Occupation: Queen of Ferelden, Owner of Carringstone Shipping Companion(s): Marion (Trusted Ladies Maid) Light ash blonde hair is typically worn into an up-do of meticulously styled braids woven...
  4. Constance Theirin

    Out with the Old. In with the New [Closed]

    ((OOC: Solace 18, 9:35, Afternoon, @Alistair Theirin)) Constance’s days became exceedingly busier the closer they came to the day of the wedding. She had personally wanted to see to many of the arrangements. The day needed to be an extraordinary one. Not just for her and all she had managed...
  5. Constance Theirin

    So About That Thing [Complete]

    ((OOC: Justinian 13, 9:35, Cousland Castle Gardens, @Alistair Theirin)) With the departure of the Grey Wardens, things calmed somewhat Castle Cousland. The cooks complained less as did the cleaning staff. Many were quite happy to see Nathaniel leave. Marion had many interesting whispers to...
  6. Constance Theirin

    The Mirror in the Man [Complete]

    ((OOC: Drakonis 9:33 - The Trestlebridge Estate, Gwaren - @Quinton Yorath)) One year. A little over one year Constance had been wed to Thomas Howe when he died. One year and a month she had been married to Roderick. Now, like Thomas, he was gone. The nobility of Ferelden stood about what...