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  1. Merrill

    Fancy Pants

    Hey folks. I'm getting ready to travel to the West Coast and give a talk at a conference, alongside some other stuff. The whole lead up to this and the week of the conference itself means I've not really been able to post. I know the Warden thread is moving forward. For that, I ask that someone...
  2. Merrill


    Name: Merrill Race: Elf (Dalish) Gender: Female Date of Birth: 6 Haring 9:10 Occupation: Apostate, Wanderer, Historian Companion(s): N/A Merrill’s frame is willowy and for all her occasional clumsiness, she holds herself with dignity in people’s company. She steps lightly, nearly...
  3. Merrill

    You're Under... A Desk [Closed]

    [Harvestmere 9, afternoon. @Aveline Vallen ] Well, this was somewhat embarrassing. Having worked up the courage to pull herself away from the eluvian and step outside her house, Merrill thought it a wonderful idea to make her way to The Hanged Man. Certainly Varric would be around and, if she...