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  1. Zevran

    Oops. I Did It Again [Closed]

    ((OOC: Harvestmere 30, 9:35, Late Evening, Alistair Theirin)) Zevran lazed about on the King’s bed as he had done on more than one occasion in the past. Surprising Alistair in such a way had become one of Zevran’s favorite things to do when visiting the Royal Palace. Alistair’s marriage to...
  2. Mara Kerr

    Caught Between a Rock and Another Rock

    (( 1 Kingsway, 35 Dragon, Afternoon, Cauthrien )) Mara paced in her cell. Back and forth. Back and forth. She could still feel the sting of ropes on her wrist. The glares of guards, the smug looks on their faces when they brought her in to Fort Drakon. A murderer - that’s what they’d called...