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  1. Aerion Hunter

    Maybe I'm Amazed (Closed, M-S)

    ((Haring 18, 9:31 - Post Aerion's capture/conscription, but before his Joining)) Aerion’s posture seemed permanently changed since his recovery. He always had his head lowered before, but never did it seem to hang so low, his shoulders fallen as he seemed to stoop to accommodate his miserable...
  2. Nathaniel Howe

    The Cave [Complete M-S]

    ((OOC: Cloudreach 6, 9:35, Late-Afternoon, Just outside Highever and Castle Cousland later, @Fergus Cousland)) Salt water misted the air, moistening Nathaniel’s skin as he pushed his horse faster along the shoreline of Highever. The sound of crashing waves mixed with the heavy breath of his...