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  1. Aveline Vallen

    No Lace, If You Please [Closed]

    (( Firstfall 14, Afternoon, Isabela )) The couch had been a great buy. With that in mind, Aveline was taking some time this afternoon to go shopping for something entirely different, but with the same shopping partner. At least, she hoped. Isabela may not even be at the Hanged Man. This time...
  2. Celeste Monroe

    Cry Havoc! [Closed]

    ((28 Haring, 9:35; Late morning; Following this thread and this note; Nicolette O'Hara , Joscelyn Hawke , Edwin Thatcher )) Maker, but she was beautiful. Celeste couldn’t get enough of looking at her, eyes drinking in every graceful line, fingertips reaching out to caress her in the morning...
  3. Nathaniel Howe

    The Way I Feel [Closed]

    ((OOC: Firstfall 18, 9:35, Evening, Vigil's Keep - Howe Family Vault - Fergus Cousland )) The ground was cold beneath Nathaniel; his body slumped in a seat upon the stone flooring of the Howe family vault beneath Vigil’s Keep. The painting of his father, rescued from what had been Bann...
  4. Aerion Hunter

    Maybe I'm Amazed (Closed, M-S)

    ((Haring 18, 9:31 - Post Aerion's capture/conscription, but before his Joining)) Aerion’s posture seemed permanently changed since his recovery. He always had his head lowered before, but never did it seem to hang so low, his shoulders fallen as he seemed to stoop to accommodate his miserable...
  5. Ferren Bairston

    He Mercs Hard for the Money [Closed]

    (( 10 Firstfall, South Wall "market", Early evening -- @Magnus )) By this point, Ferren had gotten real used to the sprawl that stretched past the South Wall. The people had been there so long that there was a little bit of everything. Homes (sort of), shops (sort of), an apothecary (sort...
  6. The Maker

    DAO/DA2 Timeline

    The following is general information that is known by people in the world of Thedas and will be updated periodically. If you are not sure if you would or would not know something on your character, please feel free to ask @Moderating staff and we will be more than happy to help you. August, 30...
  7. Conrad Krause

    The Denerim Literary Society [Complete]

    ((25 Kingsway, 35 Dragon; mid-morning; @Nathaniel Howe )) Conrad entered the bookstore cautiously, very nearly as hesitant as when he had stepped across the threshold of the Chantry, nearly a week earlier. The bookshops in Hossberg had been as off limits as the houses of worship, but his...
  8. Nathaniel Howe

    Still Beating [Closed]

    ((OOC: Firstfall 10, 9:35, Afternoon, Practice Yards - Mara Kerr)) Nathaniel wiped the sweat off his brow with his forearm, taking a brief pause from his forms. His chest heaved, heavy breaths drawn in and let out slowly. The best cure for an over active mind, he found, was physical exertion...
  9. Siali Arnith

    Step Up [Complete]

    [[OOC: 5th Firstfall, morning, Nathaniel’s office]] @Nathaniel Howe Siali still slightly associated being summoned anywhere with trouble. Being low in the pecking order of the Adders and then the Dragon’s Claws, being called to see the leader meant in some way, something had gone wrong. Even if...