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6. What Happens If I Break The Rules?

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The Maker

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That depends.

There is no one-size-fits-all response, and we won’t try to make one. However, most cases will follow the same general continuum:
  1. The player in question will be contacted via PM by a member of the moderating team. The nature of the infraction will be explained to them, and they will be given the opportunity to offer a defense. This will most likely result in the “Don’t do it again.” instruction being given to the player.
  2. If this happens enough times (the number will be dependent on the type of behavior), the player will receive a formal warning by PM from The Maker account. Warnings will always be sent from The Maker account, and will clearly delineate the problem behavior and what is expected from the player going forward.
  3. In general, two formal warnings received in any continuous 12 month period will result in either suspension or banning upon the third significant infraction in that same 12 month period.
  4. Suspensions may be for 30, 60 or 90 days. Bannings are for at least 2 years. Both will apply to all of a player’s characters, and no new applications will be accepted until the term is up.
  5. Suspensions & bannings are both rare occurrences. Most problems occur because players do not understand the rules or are unfamiliar with this style of RP. This can be easily addressed through discussions at step 1, and everyone can get back to having fun.
  6. Certain infractions are more serious than others, and may skip a step or two. Threatening another player will result in immediate suspension or banning, for example.
  7. In all cases, the player will be permitted to offer a defense or explanation, and in most cases, the player will be given multiple opportunities to correct their behavior.
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