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8. The Grey Wardens Want You!

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Grey Wardens are important players in the world of Thedas. Not only are they are instrumental in bringing Blights to an end, they are also important to fighting darkspawn that escape to the surface when there is no Blight.

By requesting to become a Grey Warden, you agree that:
  • Your character should be a regular presence on the boards and participate in plots specific to the Grey Wardens when possible
  • You understand that as part of a military organization, your character must report to superior officers and obey commands given by them. You may not be able to pursue plots external to the Order if they contradict the Order's IC role/requirements. If you wish to participate in such a plot, please contact the Moderating staff and we will try to help find a way to make the plot work within the confines of being a Grey Warden.
  • You should verify Grey Warden plots with Staff (e.g., Warden missions) to make sure it is something that would be assigned IC by the Grey Warden leadership.

How do I Earn My Taint?

1) Have your Original character joined via RP.

To have an OC join the Grey Wardens, please PM a member of @Moderating staff at the time you submit your character application.

Candidates will be evaluated for IC suitability. Example, a warrior with much combat experience is likely to be a good fit whereas a seamstress with no combat experience may not. This is not to say that the seamstress wouldn't be accepted, but it will require more creative RP to pull off.

If your character is deemed a good fit for the wardens, IC circumstances for their recruitment will be arranged and you’ll be tainting up the joint in no time.

2) Apply for a canon character that is already a Grey Warden.

Current available GW canons include Oghren, Sigrun, Bethany Hawke & Thom Ranier (Blackwall). Anders is a reserved GW canon & Justice and Velanna are unavailable. The canon listing can be found here, and guidelines for applying for and playing a canon character can be found here.

3) Apply for a Grey Warden OC

Want to skip that messy Joining scene or have an idea for a seasoned Grey Warden? Apply for an original character that is already a Grey Warden! Alternatively, you can pick up one of the existing GW NPC's on the forums and make them your own. As with canons, a PM to @Moderating staff is required ahead of time to make sure that the character you have in mind will work within the world of Thedas: Timelines.

Once given the go ahead to apply, please use the standard application.
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