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9. Joining the Nobility

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Wish to drink tea with your pinky extended? Want to scheme and plot and play the GAME? Care about the small folk and want al-tru-your-istic? A noble at Thedas: Timelines may be just for you!

Curious which nobility we already have in play? A list can be found here.

There are three ways to become a noble.
  1. Earn through RP - Marry into a noble family. Earn your title through good deeds (or maybe NOT so good deeds). There are a variety of ways to enter the nobility in the world of Thedas.
  2. Apply for an OC that is already a noble - There are many holdings in the world of Thedas not current held by characters. You may apply to take one of these holdings after you have a character in good standing (2 months play minimum). Minor nobles (those with very small back of the backwater holdings or no holding at all) are an exception and may be applied for as a first character.
  3. Apply for an open canon that is a member of the nobility - A list of available canons can be found here.

The Application Process

If you wish to join the nobility, you should contact a member of Moderating staff and let us know your intent. If this is a new OC, please use the character template after you have received an ok from @Moderating staff to proceed. If you are applying for a canon, please see the canon application process.

Note: Most nobles are allowed to take Expert Heraldry and History for their country of origin in addition to other skills allowed as part of a regular application in recognition of the education nobles receive during their upbringing.

I’m a noble. Now what?

Like canons, noble characters should be active and accessible. Others will want to interact with the nobility and noble characters should make an attempt to interact with those in their holding and employ.

A position of privilege also comes with responsibility. While those in Leadership positions may have IC power over other characters, out of character, both subordinates and leadership should be working together in a collaborative manner.
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