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Addie Rescue!

Ferren Bairston

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
Thread arrangement sounds good to me. I would love for one of them to interfere--Sterling I think would be a better choice. Slightly less likely to inspire Edwin to stupidity than seeing his father. Because I like torturing my characters, I had toyed with the idea of him showing up while Nico and Edwin were causing their distraction, if that works for folks.

(And don't worry, Edwin won't nuke the plan. He'll think about it and might waver a bit, but Addie is more important to him than vengeance.)

Nicolette O'Hara

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DAO/DA2 Timeline
I think that works pretty well, especially since he might juuust remember Nicolette if he spots her hanging around - drama for all :D

Fergus Cousland

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Thread arrangement and Sterling location also sounds good to me. I'll put it on priority once we have it rolling. Let me know if you need me to do a start for that group.