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Anastasia Vespertine

[OOC: Trying to build a pro-Circle mage / former noble with ties to Nevarra but I’m flexible on which Circle(s) she’s been affiliated with and what her rank/standing within them would’ve been. She’s sort of this Gal Gadot-y but pseudo-goth meets film noir femme fatale I had kicking around in the back of my mind.

I’d love to incorporate some details in her backstory with another mage-y character already in play so I wanted to post my basic first draft concept of her here for input from others i.e. an open invite to have our chars pasts crossover somehow for some added drama and character development, if that interests anyone.

Lots of time to plot this char out, as in real time I wouldn’t get to officially apply to play her until closer to the holiday season. So I’m thinking in-game time, we might be rolling into 9:36 by the time she actually appears. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If there’s any future plots you think she could be part of, or fit in with, I’m very open to working some of those details into her backstory for that as well.

~Aliana aka Hana/Magnus]

Name: Anastasia Vespertine

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 4 Bloomingtide, 9:03

Occupation: One of the Senior Enchanters at the Cumberland Circle; Circle Spy

Companion(s): Her templar escort, a dour Nevarran man named Ser Manfred (an NPC).

Anastasia stands at 5’10” with an hourglass figure and dark, chestnut brown hair falling to just below her collarbone in waves when its let down from being tied up and back at the nape of her neck. Her already a wicked-looking gaze, deep blue in colour, is furthermore intensified by dark eyebrows. She occasionally enhances her features with the use of cosmetics, usually kohl for around her eyes and rose madder root for her lips. She’s not a fan of rouge or powders.

Class: Circle Mage

Specialization: School of Entropy

[OOC: Or, Necromancer, if that’s allowed - I know it’s restricted but it would suit her backstory and vibe really well. Entropy works, too, though. Her skills below reflect the Entropy route.]

Weapons & Armor: Usually light armour over the gold fringed robes of the Cumberland Circle. Beneath this, she secretly still wears a long gold chain with pendant depicting her family’s coat of arms: an owl with wings outstretched, flying toward a moon.

Languages: Common (Fluent/Native - Reading, Writing, Spoken), Orlesian (Fluent- Reading, Writing, Spoken), and Antivan (Fluent- Reading, Writing, Spoken).

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Arcane Lore, Religious Lore (Chantry), Heraldry (Nevarra), Historical Lore (Nevarra)
Expert: Alchemy, Diplomacy, Etiquette (Nevarra), Coercion, Leadership
Intermediate: Dancing, Healing, Contacts, Linguistics, Natural Lore, Poison Lore, Research, Writing, Calligraphy, Stealth
Novice: Riding, Searching, Evaluation, Disguise

Combat Skills:

Master: Entropy (Mass Paralysis)
Expert: Entropy (Miasma, Sleep), Arcane Lance, Staves
Intermediate: Entropy (Paralyze, Horror, Death Magic)
Novice: Entropy (Weakness, Drain Life); Spirit (Mana Drain), Unarmed Combat, Daggers

Armour Proficiency: Light Armour

While persuasive, she might not always sway her target in the end. That said, Anastasia’s still been known to sow the seeds of doubt in others when it suits her agenda. She is a centrist in many things, and as such enjoys influencing others to see both sides of a situation. Some might grow frustrated with her middle-of-the-road personal philosophy, as it means any decision she does need to make will require time and deliberation. Where the Circle is concerned, Anastasia remains an Aequitarian, subscribing to the belief that there ought to be a balance between Chantry involvement and mage freedoms—she does not denounce the Templar Order at all, however, and instead rather appreciates its purpose. She takes issue with the Circle’s view on fraternization, in particular. Her present role aligns with her desire to have influence over authority, as opposed to having the final say in something herself—she prefers to think of herself as the muse to great leaders, someone who enjoys privileges but does not need to be held wholly accountable for the actions of others.

For her part, Anastasia can usually be swayed when something benefits her own interests. Born into a privileged noble family from Nevarra, Anastasia still harbours a taste for the finer things—it is rumoured in the Nevarran Court that she holds a secret residence, away from the Cumberland Circle, somewhere in Antiva. Though it is quite possibly just that, a rumour. Unsurprisingly, she prefers Circle-related assignments that take her to cultural epicentres as opposed to backcountry regions. Anastasia detests the rugged outdoors, though knows how to ride a horse if pressed, as she’d been given lessons in her youth—she just prefers not to, given the way horses smell.

Her humour tends to run on the intellectual, if cheeky side. She’s an incorrigible flirt whose been known to take lovers and, while she does not distinguish between race or gender, Anastasia prefers dalliances with the wealthy or powerful—as she prefers politically advantageous affairs either way. That said, exceptions have been made on rare occasions.

Born in Nevarra, the eldest child of three, to a noble family and a life of privilege, Anastasia was only reluctantly handed over to the Circle when her magic began to reveal itself in her youth. Her parents initially tried to bribe the Circle, in making a sizeable donation, to look the other way but they ultimately gave into pressures to send Anastasia to the Cumberland Circle. Neither of Anastasia’s younger sisters appeared to show signs of having magic, though it was possible that they were perhaps better at concealing it in their youth than Anastasia had initially been. Since being sent to the Circle, Anastasia has had little contact with her sisters but remains in touch, via correspondence and mail privileges, with her parents. She suspects her letters are read by Ser Manfred, her templar escort, however.

Despite being uprooted from her pampered life, she remained a political creature thanks to her combined aristocratic and Circle education. Her eventual rise within the Circle surprised few and far between as she was known to be both persuasive and diplomatic. Occasionally called Ves, by those seeking to subtly acknowledge her bloodline, Anastasia was sometimes derisively called Lady Lusacan by her rivals at the Circle as well—behind her back, of course. Anastasia was regarded with some suspicion surrounding how quickly she took to the teachings of the School of Entropy—some going so far as to call her skill in the area rather macabre.

She was appointed to the position of Senior Enchanter at the Cumberland Circle only recently, yet has already begun to enjoy certain privileges and a few extra freedoms that the position affords her to have. In truth, Anastasia is content to remain a Senior Enchanter as she feels it allows her still a measure of anonymity in contrast to being the First or Grand Enchanter or the face of a Circle overall. She enjoys the opportunity to travel with Ser Manfred on assignments of import to the Circle—however most of these assignments involve spying on the monarchies of other nations for the College of Magi, with Anastasia sending reports back to Cumberland’s First Enchanter who then escalates anything of note up to the Grand Enchanter in turn.

[OOC: Hit me up in Discord plotting areas with ideas.]
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