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Avatar Guidelines

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As we prepare for our official opening, we wanted to post a few guidelines regarding avatar usage on Thedas: Timelines. Avatars are a fantastic way to represent your character, but please keep these things in mind when choosing yours:

  • We do not allow photographs of any kind. This includes celebrities, models, and stock photography. While you’re welcome to use a real person as a faceclaim (someone who most embodies the look of your character), images of said person should only be used to provide reference for an artist or in casual conversation when describing your character.
  • You must have direct permission to use art you did not commission, and you must credit the artist in your signature.
  • If using artwork you commissioned, please credit the artist in your signature and--when possible--link to their commission information so others can contact them for similar work.
  • You can also make avatars out of in game screenshots from the Dragon Age games, or other games with character creation as long as it fits within the style of the setting.
If you have any questions about whether or not your avatar fits within these guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff. And if you’re interested in commissioning an avatar, take a look at this thread for a listing of artists many of us have worked with in the past.
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