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Breanna Guerrin

Breanna Guerrin

Bann of Rainesfere
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Breanna Tierney Guerrin

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 10 Bloomingtide, 9:12

Occupation: Bann of Rainesfere

Companion(s): Hurin, a Mabari pup that was gifted to her by her father.

At 5’8”, she got her height from her father’s side. But there are a variety of traits that came from the Guerrins, starting with the thick ginger-auburn hair, and continuing with the slight bump on her nose. Her eyes, however, are purely from her mother, a vivid green. She has a smattering of freckles on her face, but the majority of her freckles are hidden by her clothing.

Fairly slim, a body of one who is active rather than of one who has everything done on their behalf. Although she spends much of her day working, she loves to swim, taking advantage of the rivers in Lothering when she lived there, and doing the same in Rainesfere now. Her mother often used her figure to create sample dresses when she needed them for her travels.

Class: Civilian

Specialization: None

Weapons & Armor: Long sword (Veridium), Dagger (Veridium)

Languages: Speaks and writes in both Common and Orlesian.

Non-Combat Skills:
Master: Calligraphy, Tailoring
Expert: Diplomacy, Evaluation, Bargaining, Writing
Intermediate: Coercion, Artistry, Etiquette (Ferelden & Orlesian), Contacts, Heraldry (Ferelden), Research, Swimming,
Novice: Military lore, Religious lore, Navigation, Natural lore, Riding, Cartography

Combat Skills:
Intermediate: Single Weapon

Armor Proficiency: Light Armor

The most immediate impression one has of Breanna is her seeming innocence, and perhaps because of that she seems to have a charisma about her that people tend to flock to. Despite that innocence, she definitely carries herself well, not one to shy away when challenged. When she feels conviction on a subject, she is very stubborn, for once she comes to a decision, it is hard to get her to change her mind. Often times, she can be naive, and that naiveté can get her in trouble.

When it comes to politics, however, it must be noted that she does use her naiveté to her advantage, for she is not as innocent as she seems. She knows that people think her dim-witted and innocent, so she plays it up publicly, using it as a means to manipulating circumstances without others realizing it. She grew up hiding her wit, not wanting others to realize she is smarter than she seems, for she was raised in a home where intellect was discouraged in public because it brought unwanted attention (for the average woman is not as well-educated as her mother had been when she’d taught her). Because of the assumptions others have of her throughout her life, she has developed the gift of subtlety, observing and listening to others often.

Privately, however, she is very intuitive of others’ feelings and tends to know exactly what to say, helping to put people at ease around her. She is attempting to get better at thinking about her actions before taking them, however; the stereotypical ‘firey red head’ can be quite accurate for her - and that attitude has had negative consequences for her on several occasions. But there are few that she truly trusts, and as Bann, that number has only dwindled.

Breanna's mother, Catriona Tierney was a noblewoman of prestigious background. While she had many suitors, only one managed to succeed in capturing her heart. That man was not the one her parents engaged her to, however. She carried on with her love, but reality hit hard when Catriona came to learn of the result of their summer affair. When everyone else came to learn of her pregnancy, the engagement to the suitor her parents had chosen for her was broken. Catriona was cast out of the family, forced to live on her own for the first time in her life.

Catriona fled to Lothering where a kindly merchant who recalled Catriona's own generosity in the past, took her in and allowed her to stay in her home in exchange for labor as a seamstress. Catriona wound up having a healthy baby girl, and through sheer determination managed to take the seamstresses business and make it a fairly successful one for them all. She never revealed the father of the child to anyone except her daughter.

Breanna was always a happy child, often seen laughing and smiling in her mother’s store when patrons came to visit. Her bright green eyes often drew compliments, as well as her shy smile. But she learned at a young age to help her mother with her work, catching onto her mother’s lessons as a seamstress with surprising speed. Between the two of them and their elvish assistant (the merchant having passed away when Breanna was six) they managed to lead a fairly comfortable life, despite the fact that the rest of the Tierney clan did not ever acknowledge them. By no means were they ever able to regain noble status, but their skill as tailors and seamstresses gave them enough work that they were not left for want after Breanna hit double digits.

Her mother’s trip to Orlais about three months before rumors of the Blight began to spread changed a great many things for Breanna. With the darkspawn overrunning the countryside to the south, many of the citizens began to flee north. The Tierney family were ones that decided to stay behind and defend Redcliffe when they heard that Arl Eamon’s health had fallen for the worse. Breanna fled right past Redcliffe and went north to Rainesfere, seeking refuge there. When Redcliffe castle fell to the demons summoned by Connor, so did the remaining Tierney’s fall, along with the many others that day.

Breanna stayed in Rainesfere during this time, and when word of the stand at Redcliffe came to her, she thought they were safe. Little did she know just how far the Blight had spread, and some weeks later, during the peak of the Blight, Rainesfere came under attack. The women were all shut into the Chantry, but the sounds of fighting only grew worse and they knew there was a chance the town would be overrun. Rather than die helpless upon darkspawn blades, Breanna decided to live up to her noble name and joined the men outside in the square, encouraging several of the skilled women to do the same.

When one of the girls that followed her died, a young girl barely of age, Breanna spent the rest of the battle numb, fighting with a fury she never knew she possessed. To this day, she will tell you she recalls nothing of the battle, and will quickly divert the topic. When the fighting was over, she was deemed a hero by Rainesfere’s residents for her deeds and ability to rally those around her. She denied all accolades and told them it was the actions of everyone that saved the town.

After the Blight, Breanna found herself in a strange position. With the entire Tierney family dead (Catriona was presumed dead, for she had been gone for approximately three years without a word), she became the last remaining Tierney and thus inherited everything they owned, making her an instant noble. But she wanted nothing to do with the family wealth or power, governing the home from a distance, as she continued to live in Rainesfere, happy to help others rebuild, and content to make her life in this new city, away from the pressures that nobility required.

The nobility continued to haunt her, for it soon became public where her paternal lineage lay: the then-Bann of Rainesfere, Teagan Guerrin. When she wrote to him chastising him for neglecting his bannship, he summoned her, unknowing of her existence. Not long thereafter, she became his seneschal. The two have had many arguments, and despite growing closer over the past couple of years, their respective stubborn natures does not allow that to change. She's spent a year or so training for taking Teagan's place as Bann of Rainesfere, and in Harvestmere 9:34, she was officially given the title and responsibilities thereof. It is a role she has grown into over the past few months. Mostly.

There have been some missteps, some more public than others. Many question her competence, convinced she is taking advantage of her name simply to rise to power and not actually capable of the work at hand. When Fergus Cousland began to officially court her, it did little to end those rumors - in fact, they only got worse. The sheer amount of pressure got to her, and she backed out of the relationship, hating herself for it. She went back to Rainesfere with her tail between her legs, knowing it would be quite some time before she lived down the public humiliation she had just put herself through. Assuming the others in her circles allowed her to live it down.
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