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Ceridwyn Calder

Ceridwyn Calder

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DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Ceridwyn Calder

Race: City Elf

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 22 Wintermarch, 9:07

Occupation: Unemployed Mercenary, Occasional Bouncer

Companion(s): N/A

Ceridwyn is of an average stature for an elf, standing around 5’2. However, she’s a little bit broader than one would expect, with lean but well defined muscles. Her blond hair is normally pulled back into several braids and either all collected in a bun or ponytail at the crown of her head.

It is easy to notice that he nose has been broken more than once, the bridge flatter and slightly out of position. Her skin has a light dusting of freckles, but they aren’t something someone would notice at first glance. Her eyes are a dark blue, and while large, can narrow quickly when her mood turns.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: N/A

Weapons & Armor: At current she carries a longbow, a pair of brass knuckles, and a dagger. Her ill-fitting leather armor appears to be patchwork, possibly purchased at different times, or hand me downs from friends.

Languages: Common (Verbal)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Might
Expert: Stamina, Streetwise, Crafting (Upholstery), Ambidextrous
Intermediate: Climbing, Acrobatics, Drinking, Performance
Novice: Running, Swimming, Cooking

Combat Skills:

Master: Unarmed Combat
Expert: Bows
Intermediate: Dual Weapons
Novice: Single Weapon

Armor Proficiency: Medium, Heavy

On the surface, Ceridwyn comes off as mostly laid back and nonchalant about what’s going on around her. She’ll easily join a conversation, but she always keeps some of herself back until she gets to know someone. While cautious around humans, she doesn’t reveal that unless situations get awkward and uncomfortable. It has been instilled in her that true trust should only be given to those who have proved worthy.

She exudes confidence for the most part, and in certain situations she has been called cocky more than once. She is confident about a few things in her life -- her fighting ability, and her commitment to seeing a contract through.

Not readily apparent is her quick temper. Most casual insults -- especially about her broader frame -- roll off of her easily, but there are a few things that send her into a rage. One being any racially charged insults, another being any disparaging remarks about her grandmother. She also has a tendency to lose herself in anger during a fight, though years of training has helped her rein herself in before she’s gone too far.

Born to parents who barely knew each other before getting married, Ceridwyn didn’t have the most spectacular childhood. Her mother eventually divorced her father and left them both when Ceridwyn was still too young to remember. Neither her father or her grandmother ever actually talked about why, and Ceridwyn -- feeling no attachment to the woman -- never pressed the issue after a short spurt of youthful curiosity.

Her father died from an illness when she was close to eight years old, and from then on it was her and her Gran against the world. As Ceridwyn grew up, she spent a lot of time with neighborhood kids and got into plenty of scraps with the bullies in that pack. When she wasn’t doing that, she was helping her Gran do her work, removing and replacing upholstery from old furniture, and moving the heavier pieces around when her Gran couldn’t do it alone anymore. She didn’t have the passion for it her Gran did, but she still put all her effort into mastering what she could. Passion or not, she had to learn some kind of trade to make money once she was out on her own.

As she grew up, all the heavy lifting -- and some of the fights she kept getting into with local bullies -- helped tone her frame into being a bit thicker than the average elf. That brought a whole new round of teasing, but Ceridwyn didn’t care. She appreciated the strength she had gained, and eventually, once in her later teens, she was able to use that strength to earn some money. She started with underground boxing, usually relegated to being a warm up bout for more popular fighters, and worked as a bouncer at the small watering hole in the alienage. This got her noticed, and the next thing she knew she was acting as a bodyguard and providing security for merchants looking to keep thugs from ripping them off.

This kept up for a while, but Ceridwyn eventually learned not all contracts are worth the coin. When an easy lookout job led to Ceridwyn unwittingly aiding in the destruction of a competing business whose owner had very little left to lose as it was, she refused to work for the man again.. The man had a vindictive streak, telling all his colleagues that she reneged on their contract, and claiming she tried to seduce her way into more money. The latter landed her with even more unwanted attention, and when she expressed her desire to leave Denerim, her Gran told her to go, calming Ceridwyn's worries about leaving her alone.

She gave half of her savings to her Gran to hire an assistant, and took the other half with her as she hit the road, all but directionless. She had a few odd jobs as a farm hand, but eventually fell in with the Roughnecks, one of the few mercenary companies she found that had more than one elf in their employ. She was with them almost half a year before the Blight hit.

The company contracted their services out during that time, and for Ceridwyn, that time was a crash course in learning weapons other than her fists. While they were still her best asset, when facing blighted creatures she had been advised it wasn’t the best idea. So she saved her fists for regular, flesh-and-blood assholes, and used a bow and a mace when she found herself staring down darkspawn.

The company came out mostly intact after the Blight, but they never made it to Denerim in time for the big fight. When they finally arrived, the city was in ruins, and it took Ceridwyn a few days to find her Gran among the survivors. Ceridwyn stayed to help her rebuild her home, but soon joined back up with the Roughnecks. Her Gran needed money to rebuild, and Ceridwyn knew mercenary work was the best way for her to make enough coin to send back.

She spent the next few years honing her skills, sending the majority of her earnings back to her Gran in Denerim. It was only in the last year that her Gran had decided to "retire" and move to Highever, the city where she'd been born. Ceridwyn was beginning to get tired of the nomadic life herself, and she missed her only living family. Still, the mercenary life was lucrative, and it took her nine months to leave the friends she had made and head to Highever to check in on her Gran.

While her Gran had told her about how much better things were in Highever compared to when she'd been a girl, all Ceridwyn saw when she arrived was a shoddily-built wall and a crime-ridden encampment meant to house an untold number of refugees displaced by the Blight.

Moreover, when she tried to enter this supposedly "progressive" city, she was immediately stopped by the city guard. The two human men wouldn't let her pass, despite her claim that she had family in the alienage. Forced to set up camp among the refugees, Ceridwyn now waits to speak to someone in charge so she can be reunited with her Gran, one way or another.