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Commission This!

Nathaniel Howe

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I know many of us have gone out there and commissioned art from the many talented artists out there. I wanted to start a thread where we share the artists we have commissioned in the past and where to see if they are currently taking commissions!

Soooooooo, throw those recommendations at this thread!


Orlesian Grump Elf
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Hanamene Thornecroft

DAO/DA2 Timeline
Anna Helme is crazy talented. I contacted her previously but didn't end up commissioning her at the time, but she's still on my list of people I want to commission.

Rhona and Ezio are two of my favs that she's drawn. Her Cousland warden ain't shabby either.

Check out her full deviantart gallery here.

Her prices were as followed (copying and pasting from my PMs with her):

From the artist...

"1) portrait - 35
2) half-bodies - $ 50
3) full-body 70
this is the price of character without a lot of details and background.
with the background will be a small extra charge
and it all depends on what you want. if art will not be hard to draw, I can take a little less"
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