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Constance Theirin

Constance Theirin

Queen of Ferelden
Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Constance Theirin

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Drakonis 5, 9:05 Dragon

Occupation: Queen of Ferelden, Owner of Carringstone Shipping

Companion(s): Marion (Trusted Ladies Maid)

Light ash blonde hair is typically worn into an up-do of meticulously styled braids woven into lattice style bun at the nape of her neck. The frozen seas storm within her eyes, they were once described. Blue eyes look upon the world with a level of cool indifference. Prior to giving birth, she had a slight figure. After giving birth, a bit of the roundness resulting from the curves of motherhood failed to disappear. The result is a more voluptuous figure than lean.

She favors garments of the most luxurious design. Money is no object when it comes to the construction of Constance’s dresses. Silks, brocades and other fine fabrics in blues, purples, greens and reds appear to be what she favors. While modesty is a consideration in the design of her garments, special attention seems to have been taken to ensure the fit of each dress is extremely flattering to her figure.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Champion (Intermediate)

Weapons & Armor:

She owns a set of red steel chainmail that she hardly wears anymore. Her preferred weapons when she does adorn her armor is a long sword of red steel and another of silverite. The silverite weapon was a gift from her second husband, Roderick, to commemorate the duel that lead their eventual engagement.

Languages: Common (Both), Antivan (Both), Orlesian (Both), Tevene (Some - Both)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Leadership, Coercion
Expert: Contacts, Etiquette, Heraldry (Fereldan, Orlesian), History (Fereldan), Seamanship, Diplomacy
Intermediate: Military Lore, Bargaining, Calligraphy, Cryptography, Heraldry (Antivan), History (Orlesian), Writing, Hearing, Dancing
Novice: Healing, Poison Lore, Musical Lore, Tailoring, Artistry

Combat Skills:

Expert: Dual Weapons,
Intermediate: Resilience, Rally
Novice: War Cry, Line in the Sand

Paled skin and delicate facial features, she looks very much the part of a fragile Fereldan noblewoman. This look is deceiving. Beneath the dainty and poised exterior, a cold strength steels her spine and resolve. She is calculating and does not shirk from being merciless should she profit from it. The mistakes of others she witnessed in the past fuel and temper her ambitions simultaneously. She wishes power and will do what is necessary to garner it. However, she will not be so foolish as to act without thought and plans.

Constance was supposed to be a boy. The midwives predicted it. When she was born, her father, Bann Rufus of the Frozen Seas, could not disguise his disappointment. He had no use for girls.

Early in life, Constance learned the perceived handicap of her sex and was determined to prove her father wrong, to prove possessing a pair of breasts and soft skin did not a weakling make.

As she grew, she absorbed all the knowledge available to her. Philosophy, poetry, literature, the skills of a warrior, sailing, politics, there was no subject she did not seek to learn. Someday she knew she would inherit the Bann and she wished to not disappoint the memory of her father.

Unfortunately, he had other plans. He had finally found a use for his daughter.

The engagement was announced to her the eve of her 22nd birthday. She was to marry Thomas Howe. Everything had been arranged between her father and the Arl of Amarathine. Their courtship was short and they were married immediately after Rendon Howe became Teyrn of Highever.

Soon after being wed, she learned she was with child. Where her mother failed at having a boy, she did not. Peter Howe was born and immediately swept away from his mother and into the arms of his grandfather. It was the only time Constance can remember ever having seen Rendon Howe smile.

It was through the Teyrn that she came to know Bann Esmerelle of Amaranthine. The woman proved an excellent mentor for Constance, showing her how to navigate the world of warrior politicians as a woman and lady.

And as if in an instant, her world flipped.

Her father died of a mysterious illness she believed to have been poison causing her to inherit his Bann. Rendon Howe died in his estate in Denerim. Her husband died in a drunken brawl. A new King was crowned. All lands belonging to the Howes and her widow’s inheritance became the property of the Grey Wardens. Her mentor, Bann Esmerelle, also fell victim to her own schemes, captured and killed during an assassination attempt of Aedan Cousland.

Everything she knew was gone. Everything she knew changed.

She returned to Gwaren and took control of the Bann she inherited, determined to learn from the mistakes of her father, Rendon Howe and Esmerelle.

Opportunity knocked upon her door in the form of Roderick Yorath. Their courtship was not the stuff of romance novels. He sent her a eunuch and she spread a rumor that his many affairs left him unclean. Their courtship did lead to romance, though. The pair married and became Teyrn and Teyrna of Gwaren. They put on quite the display what they could accomplish together at the Landsmeet of 9:33. Constance felt she had found a true partner in life; someone she might even love.

The fates were not done with her, though, and took Roderick from her later in 9:33. She was privately devastated by the loss but relished in coming into her own as Teyrna. She helped Gwaren continue to recover from the damage done during the Blight and eventually, as part of her attempt to continue to gather power, fostered a friendship with the King, Alistair Theirin.

Few men had surprised her in her life, but he managed to when he proposed to her seemingly out of nowhere. His offer was one she could not refuse especially when he offered to adopt Peter and make him heir to the throne.

Alistair and Constance were married in Solace 9:35 and now rule Ferelden together.
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