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Cordelia's Assassin's Creed Awesomeness


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When she's not casting spells and kicking darkspawn butts, Cordelia's player is a journalist for the gaming website Kotaku. Her most recent accomplishment is a massive and in-depth review of the equally massive new release, Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

She spent dozens of hours playing the game, viewing the narrative and mechanics with the needed mix of the player's enthusiasm and the reviewer's critical eyes, and has crafted a balanced and well written review that touches on the standard concerns of graphics, gameplay and narrative, but also ponders the uncomfortable question of the conditions required of the workers who created this sprawling and beautifully crafted game, a question given greater pertinence given the recent implosion of Telltale Games and the utter screwing over of their hardworking employees.

Give it a read, then give the new Assassin's Creed a try!

Way to go Cordelia !