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Cyrellian [WIP]


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Name: Cyrellian

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth:


Companion(s): N/A

Class: Mage


Weapons & Armor:

Languages: Tevene, Common, Ancient Tevene (written, not fluent)

Non-Combat Skills: Arcane Lore, Research, Housekeeping

Combat Skills:


An elven woman named Llavane, Cyrellian's mother was a refugee from Seheron. She fled to Minrathous, but with little money and nowhere to live, she ended up selling herself into slavery. She was lucky however that she ended up in a wealthy household, a powerful Altus by the name of Eufasian Malaevas purchasing her. She may have been a slave, but her needs were met; she had a place to sleep, a roof over her head, food, clothing, and always things to do. She worked hard to earn her keep. She hoped that she would someday earn her freedom.

Eufasian had not bought her just for her skills, however. He fancied the elven woman. And it was such liaisons between the two that led to Cyrellian's conception. When the child was born, the Magister refused to acknowledge himself as the father, though he and Llavane both knew full well that he was of his blood. And nobody would believe it even if she were to say.

Either way, Cyrellian grew up a slave. He only knew that his mother was Llavane, and to him, the other slaves of the household were family.

When he was eight years old, his magic manifested. He was witnessing his mother being mistreated by a taskmaster, and–angered–Cyrellian froze the man's hands. The taskmaster was not pleased, but the Magister caught wind of his magical potential. He decided to personally tutor the young mage. In addition, he paid to have him taught reading and writing, something very few of his slaves ever got the privilege of.

Seeing that he showed potential, he would invest further in him, sending him off to one of the lesser Circles for him to get further training.

Timeline: Post-Trespasser
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