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Delilah Howe Price

Delilah Howe Price

Canon Character
DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Delilah Howe Price

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Wintermarch 13, 9:05

Occupation: Mother, Bann of Amaranthine

Companion(s): N/A

Delilah is around 5'6" with an average build. Her hair is black and generally kept at shoulder length-just long enough that she can wear it up if a formal occasion dictates. Her eyes are cool and grey. She has the noble's knack of schooling her expression into bland neutrality, but she is also capable of showing great emotion, from a smirk to a glare. She's graceful in her movements and casual in her dress, unless the situation calls for it. She chooses simple designs and fabrics for every day clothes, but she also sometimes enjoys the frippery that goes with the pomp of nobility.

Class: Civilian

Specialization: None

Weapons & Armor: Delilah has a pair of silverite daggers that she keeps in a drawer, but hasn't used in years. While she was trained with them as a youngster, it has been years since she's had cause to use them.

Languages: Common, Orlesian (both)

Non-Combat Skills:

Master: Cooking, Diplomacy

Expert: Bargaining, Contacts, Etiquette (Ferelden), Heraldry (Ferelden), Historical Lore (Ferelden), Coercion, Hearing

Intermediate: Dancing, Evaluation, Healing, Leadership, Riding, Calligraphy

Novice: Musical Lore, Driving

Combat Skills:

Intermediate: Dagger

Delilah is, overall, a kind and nurturing sort of person. Her demeanor makes her seem very approachable and no-nonsense at the same time. She's generally soft-spoken, although she's not shy or retiring and she has a sharp sense of humor when she’s comfortable with someone. Her family is the center of her life and she is a doting mother and loving sister. Seeing her loved ones thriving and content is something that gives her great pleasure. Even when she feels that they aren't making the choices she would make, she tries to be supportive (While also making sure they know her thoughts on it), because she feels that had her own parents been more supportive and nurturing that her brothers' lives might have been different.

She can navigate noble circles well, and quietly enjoys the pomp of nobility, and while she gets the scheming and backbiting, it’s not something she takes any part in. She knows firsthand where that sort of life leads, from watching her father’s decline. This doesn’t mean she’s naive about how things work. She’s gracious and thoughtful, as well as diplomatic when it’s needful. She’s friendly, but cautious about who she lets close to her.

As Bann of Amaranthine, Delilah feels a real duty to the people to be genuinely helpful, rather than authoritarian. She understands that sometimes an authority is what's needed, but she also believes that sometimes folks just want to feel like they're being heard.

Delilah was Rendon Howe’s middle child. Rendon was a cold and harsh parent, at his best. Delilah knew from an early age that her path in life was going to be chosen by her father. She knew that her only real use to him was in how advantageously she could be married off. She was a dutiful child, not prone to rebellion, so she learned all the things he demanded, assuming that she would be married off to one of the Couslands. Secretly, she’s very glad that nothing ever came of that.

Her mother, Elaine, taught her all the things she would need to use as a noble wife, but she wasn’t otherwise a very attentive or affectionate woman, so Delilah was never very close to her. She was, however, very close to both of her brothers and it hurt her to see the way their father pitted them against one another. After her brother, Nathaniel left for the Free Marches, Delilah began to notice changes in her father. Where before, his attitudes toward his children and other could be chalked up as naked ambition, he began to take a turn toward darkness.

It was about this time that Delilah’s mother became ill, so Delilah began taking on more of her mother’s duties around the household. By the time of her mother’s death, she was effectively running the place.

One of her duties was dealing with the merchants that came into Vigil’s Keep. Albert Price was one of the merchants. He was kind and funny and they soon fell in love. They kept their romance a secret in the beginning because Delilah knew that her father would never allow her to marry a merchant. As dark and sinister as he’d become, she was also afraid that her father would ruin Albert’s life, if not kill him outright if he found out so she was very careful to protect their relationship.

When word first came from King Cailan that men were needed to put down the darkspawn incursion, Delilah heard some talk of what her father planned to do at Highever, but Delilah put it down to unfounded rumor because she wanted to believe that there was still some humanity left in Rendon Howe. She wonders sometimes if things would have been different if she’d taken heed and sent a letter ahead of him. She knows that it likely would not have changed things overmuch, so she doesn’t dwell, but sometimes it crosses her mind.

She became the sole caretaker of Vigil’s Keep after her father left for Denerim in the wake of Cailan’s death. When Delilah got word of her father’s execution at the hands of Aedan Cousland, she wasted little time mourning him.

When her younger brother, Thomas died in a bar fight, Delilah mourned his loss deeply. He was the one of the Howe children most like Rendon, at least in part because her father encouraged that behavior. She thought it was a terrible waste of a life and knew that if she had children she would use the lessons of her parents on what not to do to raise a family.

She quickly married Albert, and was moved into a small house in Amaranthine by the time Ferelden was learning of her father’s treachery. She settled quickly and contentedly into life as a merchant’s wife, after the Blight, with Albert helping her learn the small things that she’d always had servants to do for her.

Delilah found that the people in Amaranthine seemed to be judging her on her own merits rather than her father’s reputation and she chalked that up to the fact that she wasn’t afraid of hard work.

Shortly before her brother Nathaniel’s return from the Free Marches, she became pregnant with her first child, James Nathaniel. She was overjoyed to have her older brother back in her life, but frustrated at how long it took to convince him that she was happy with her life.

Being a mother was something that she loved and two years after James was born she gave birth to a daughter, Abigail Fiona.

Even when she became Bann of Amaranthine, Delilah’s life changed little. She continued to center her life around her household, and she basically treats her job as Bann as making Amaranthine a part of her household, so to speak. She tries to look after them as she does her own family.

Her husband Albert was killed in what appeared to be a bandit attack at the beginning of Firstfall, 9:35. Now Delilah is learning how to live without the man who’d been her heart these years, while helping her children through the loss as well.
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