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Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises Roleplay [Discord]

The land of Thedas thought an era of peace had begun after the tear in the sky raining down demons and the ancient magister, Corypheus, had been snuffed out by the Inquisitor and their army. It had been a mere two years before the disappearance of thousands of elves throughout the continent was the sure sign of a whole new threat on the horizon... The Dread Wolf.
However, the rapture of this race was not only thing foretelling the beginning of the end...
Hello, fellow Dragon Age fans!

Are you craving to get back into the lore enriched universe of Dragon Age? Are you worried EA will completely destroy this beloved series? Or are you just impatient to see how it may play out?

Well, this server may just be the place where you can see it unfold in writing.

The setting the server takes place in is two months after Trespasser DLC, where The Hero of Fereldan, The Champion of Kirkwall, and the Inquisitor will be up against more than just the threat of Fen'Harel.

This is your chance to play out your favorite characters/companions, make new protagonists join the journey, create new factions, and just mingle amongst other fans. As much as this is a roleplay server, it's also meant to be an open fandom server where you can discuss the previous games, share theories of what might be implemented in the actual upcoming game, share memes, screenshots, and gameplay moments!

We are also open to any suggestions to make the server as enjoyable as possible.

Hope to see you there!!
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