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Elikir Awok


Blacksmith Extraordinaire
Name: Elikir Awok

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Blessed 8:95, 40 years as of Dragon 9:35.

Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Master Blacksmith. Former Sergeant in Fereldan's Armies.

Companion(s): N/A

Elikir is a man of impressive stature. At six foot, five inches, he is by far taller then the average Human. What's even more impressive is his physique. Years of working as a Fieldhand, a Soldier, and finally as a Blacksmith, Elikir's form is the equivalent of a sculpture made in some great mans image. Even with this however, Elikir has scars a plenty, and fairly rough hands. The most notable scar is that which appears to resemble the Makers sign on his back. He claims this is a birthmark, yet even then its a strange scar or birthmark. He has short-medium black hair with a scruffy beard, and a relatively clean face half the time, save a scar on his cheek.

Class: Warrior

Specialization: N/A.

Weapons & Armor: He prefers the nice fit of Chainmail under padded leather, but is often seen just wearing a suit of Red Steel Plate Metal Armor when needed to fight and given the time to armor himself. His weapon is a Silverite Arming Sword with an intricate bladeguard, and enscriptions along the blade. He refers to it as "Silver-Horn".
Other then that, he uses the Shield his father and his fathers father held in wars of time past. It holds the scars of their fights, and his fights, and yet has not broken. This hangs above the counter to his shop, along with "Silver-Horn". More often then not, he results to using the weapons he forges and has laying on racks or shelves then these weapons.

Languages: Common (Natural, Written/Spoken). Dalish (Novice, Spoken only).

Non-Combat Skills: Might (Master)
Stamina (Master)
Blacksmith (Expert)
Leadership (Expert)
Tactics (Expert)
Construction (Expert)
Farming (Intermediate)
Herbal Lore (Intermediate)
Fereldan History (Intermediate)
Military Lore (Intermediate)

Combat Skills: Heavy and Medium Armor Training.
Sword and Shield (Master)
Archery (Expert)
Polearms (Expert)
Two-Handed (Intermediate)
Unarmed (Intermediate)

During his time in Fereldan, and beyond after the Blight was quelled, Elikir has slowly started to become kinder then before. His bloodlust had been satiated for now, and he focuses on making a safe place for many with families, and to make his family safe themselves. He's a kind man now, and kind to all. With the exception of Bandits, and Darkspawn.

Elikir was born in Redcliffe at 8:95 Blessed to Yutei and Edmond Awok. Yutei was a Chasind who had fled from her tribe, just to find Edmond who was a mercenary at the time. The two fell in love during their travels and married in the Redcliffe Chantry. Shortly after, Elikir was born. Elikir is named after Yutei's grandfather, who was a strong warrior and a great man for her tribe.


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