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Falon Varos

Falon Varos

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DAO/DA2 Timeline

Name: Falon Varos

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 12 Guardian, 15 Dragon(20 years old)

Occupation: Street Performer/Minstrel(Secert Vigilante)

Companion(s): N/A

Typical of elven folk Falon has a slender lithe build to him. While standing at the height of five feet and six inches he has some muscle earned from surviving in Denerim’s alienage. The twenty year old elf has raven hair that reaches the back of his neck with a short knot tied in the middle. His eyes are of gray color with an expression of curiosity yet caution. The most notable feature on him is the scar across the left eye, made by the blade of a Tevinter slaver.

Usually Falon wears a tannish commoner’s tunic with brown pants and matching boots. As for his vigilante persona he wears a dark green hunter’s coat with a Mabari shaped mask, complete with dark boots.

Class: Rogue

Specialization: None

Weapons & Armor: Twin green tinted daggers, shortbow, and he wears a hunter’s coat.

Languages: Fluent Common(Spoken and written).

Non-Combat Skills:
Master: Stealth
Expert: Acrobatics, Climbing, and Streetwise
Intermediate: Coercion, Legerdemain, Historical Lore(Ferelden), Hearing, Lock-picking, Investigation, Tracking, Running, Navigation, Writing, Musical Lore, and Performance.
Novice: Historical Lore(Dalish), Drinking, Ferelden Heraldry, Historical Lore(Chantry), Healing, Research, Traps, Dancing, Hunting and Swimming

Combat Skills:

Expert: Duel Wielding(Daggers), Shortbow

Intermediate: Unarmed Combat

Novice: Crossbows

As a performer Falon likes portrays a warm disposition as he performs his music. For the most part it fits with his actual personality but is other inwardly guarded until believing the person in question can be trusted. If others treat him with some level of respect he tries to return the favor. Of course the desperate reality of being a city elf in Denerim is often present in his mind.

He wants to hope for a better future but certain experiences with numerous humans and some fellow elves alike threaten to turn him toward outright bitterness. It is a internal conflict that repeats itself over and over again in his soul. Even so Falon sees a purpose for himself by protecting his home, both alienage and the city itself.

Moreover the young man greatly admires the Hero of Ferelden and his companions for not only stopping the darkspawn but also saving him from enslavement. Their actions during the Fifth Blight continues to inspire him in seeking out ways to help others. Also Falon is highly curious, seeking knowledge about history, especially Elven and Ferelden lore. This can be a weakness if he lets such desire overcome good sense. In the end Falon wishes to make a positive difference for his loved ones and home.

Born and raised in Denerim’s alienage Falon from an early age knew he and his people lived in a poor and oppressive existence. Regardless the deep bonds of the Varos family that numbered both parents, and two children(Elonni and himself) made life bearable. In such an environment the little boy loved hearing the stories of Elven heroes like Shartan who fought at Andraste’s side and Garahel the Warden. It was pretty common for him to pretend to be one of those legends during games. Also the lad began to learn to play the lute and sing and how to use knives.

Three years before the Blight, the Varos children lost their parents to a plague.

From then on Elonni watched out for her younger brother and taught him to read and write like a Chantry sister did for her some time beforehand. Often however he got himself into trouble in the alienage and was rather infamous to sneak outside its walls and steal things. Elonni would quarrel constantly with her younger sibling over these antics but the latter would hardly listen. This would come to a head when in the year Dragon 30. Shortly before the Fifth Blight began, the teen aged Falon was caught stealing a basket of apples in the middle of the afternoon. The guard who witnessed the crime would have gutted him if his sister had not intervened on his behalf.

The guard finding the eighteen year old Elonni highly attractive gave an offer. Sleep with him and he’d forget the whole matter

While disgusted she begrudgingly, agreed much to Falon’s horror. Once released and over objections he was told to wait for her back home. Later that night the saddened Elonni returned to find her guilt ridden brother at their hovel, and they embraced one another, weeping. Shame, prevented the small family from telling others about it. From then on Falon grew little more responsible, especially when it became apparent to him that Elonni was pregnant.

They hid during Rendon Howe’s purge of the alienage, but they were both taken by slavers from Tevinter along with many others.

Only by the efforts of the Hero of Ferelden’s party, were they and many of their people spared from a cruel fate. Falon witnessed them in action firsthand, including the future King Alistair. Later when Denerim was besieged by the darkspawn with the Archdemon at the lead, he again saw them fighting alongside Shianni’s militia against the nightmarish monsters. Following the victory over the Blight one of the surviving militia members instructed Falon on how to shoot with a shortbow at the forest south of the city.

It was some point following the siege that Elonni finally delivered a human girl. While the baby was born healthy, Elonni died shortly after. Fully aware of the great stigma of being a elf blooded human would mean for the child, Falon made a painful decision. With a heavy heart the youth brought the infant to the local Chantry a night later. Turning her over into the care of the revered mother who swore not to tell anyone else.

For the next five years, Falon lived alone, becoming a minstrel and continue to secretly practice combat with short blades and the bow. The reforms by King Alistair Therin were certainly welcomed by the him and the rest of the alienage. All the same crime continues to haunt the community along with harassment and violence by human bigots who refused to accept these changes. It is within this atmosphere of hope mixed with uncertainty that Falon Varos decides it is time for him to take action.
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