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Featured Character for December: Sofia di Castelbuono

The Maker

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If Sofia had a choice with no strings, what is the one thing in all of Thedas she would choose to do with her life?

If Sofia was completely at liberty to do what she pleased, I imagine she'd set up a series of schools for mages across Thedas - similar to the Circles, but in much greater numbers so that children could learn how to wield their abilities without being completely ripped away from home. On a less altruistic level, she'd also enjoy being magical advisor to a royal court, although she would pursue a similar aim.

What was the inspiration for Sofia?

We needed another healing mage in the Wardens, and I liked the idea of a mage who was religious without being self-loathing, assured without being a megalomaniac - and with a touch of vanity thrown in for my own amusement. Her faceclaim is Bridget Reagan.

Does Sofia have a theme song and/or play list? What is it?

Prelude by Bonobo stands out - sweet in places, serious in others.

If Sofia had a D&D alignment, what would it be and why?

Lawful good, although as with most of my characters she's not above stepping on toes when she's annoyed.