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Featured Character for February: Sati Adaar

The Maker

Staff member

What is the one thing that you wish the Inquisition had done differently?

Sati wishes in hindsight that the Inquisition had murdered Solas before All That happened.

What drew me to play this character?

I wanted to go with an Inquistor who was as opposite the 'ideal' Herald as possible - qunari and non-mage, thus ensuring all the magical elements are as alien to her as possible. I liked the idea of a Vashoth brought up with a chivalric code, and to see how that would influence her decisions.

Does your character want to change their lot in life?

She'd be pretty happy if the events of the past few years hadn't happened, and while she's not ready to lay down her responsibilities yet she does look forward to the day when she can step down as Inquisitor.