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Featured Character for January: Cordelia

The Maker

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If it were your choice alone, what would you do with your life?

I don't think anyone's asked Cordelia this question, which makes it hard to answer. It would be something calm, without expectations. Maybe she'd own a library and teach reading. That's not in the cards however, and Cordelia's never bothered to think about that kind of life anyway. You don't get to have that kind of life when you're a mage in Fereldan.

Does your character want to change their lot in life?

I'd say that this has become one of her defining characteristics. Cordelia is torn between a desire to do what she is expected and what she wants to do. She wants the life she was born and raised to have. Cordelia is kind but cannot hide her arrogant streak. She was raised to be arlessa and now she is something far different. If she could turn back the clock and stop her magic from ever manifesting, she would immediately do so. Instead, she simply carries on with whatever new role falls her way.

If your character had a D&D alignment, what would it be and why?

Lawful Neutral. Cordelia believes in the rules that she's grown up with and the laws of the land. If that means being locked in a tower, well then she's just going to need to be locked in a tower. It's been fun to slowly explore what it means when she's around characters like the Wardens, who play things much more loosely. Maybe it will rub off on her, maybe she'll stubbornly cling to what she's believed. The nice thing about Cordelia is that I think she's at a fun crossroad to really grow into an even more complex individual.