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Featured Character for November 2018: Nathaniel Howe

The Maker

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What's one weird trait your character has that just happened naturally?

Nathaniel and his love of needlepoint. This came out of one of the first threads I had with him. I needed to come up with something he could talk to a ladies maid about while he played wingman for Aedan.

Do you have any headcanons for this character that aren't represented in the games?

Probably the biggest headcanon I have for Nathaniel that isn't in the game revolves around Rendon Howe's plans for his family and specifically Nathaniel. In my mind, Rendon was plotting to control the whole of Ferelden. He wanted both Teyrnirs and the throne. He would control Highever. Thomas would control Gwaren and Nathaniel would married off to Anora.

Oh and tart angst. Nathaniel Howe hates sweets.

If Nate was somehow offered the chance to do one thing over in his life, what would it be and why? (and yes, Nate, only one thing)

The list of regrets he carries is a large one. If he was to play Cher and turn back time, recency is going to kick in and he would read that letter sent warning about the attack on Albert in time to save him. There is very little he wouldn't do to save those he loves from pain. If he could spare his sister the anguish of losing a spouse, he absolutely would.