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Featured Character for October 2018: Falon Varos

The Maker

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Does Falon ever regret giving up his niece to the Chantry?

“Quite often he does. Though a human, she is his beloved sister’s child. For now he believes it was the right decision to make painful as it is because he did want the girl to grow up without being persecuted for simply having elf blood.”

What was the inspiration for the character?

“Definitely the City Elf Origin story from the first Dragon Age game. Also vigilantes like sorta like Daredevil(Marvel) and Batman(DC). Along with the Inquisition minstrel Maryden Halewell.”

Does your character want to change his lot in life?

“In a way yes he does. Falon dosen’t want to be a noble or anything like that. Simply wishes to be treated with more decency than he and his people(city elves) usually get from many humans. If the Ferelden royal army allowed elves in the ranks Falon would certainly enlist to prove himself.”