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Featured Character for October 2018: Mara Kerr

The Maker

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Where do you see Mara after the Inquisition?

I always see Mara growing into her role as a Grey Warden. Some part of her will always resist it, but each day she gets better and better at accepting and growing into her role in life. Hopefully by that point she’ll have gained enough trust to be sent on scouting missions - she’s exceptionally good at tracking and staying hidden, so I think she would find a way to prove that she can find Darkspawn on her own, partially so that she can look valuable but also so that she can have a little freedom like she used to have. I also hope she has a new dog by then - she struggles a bit without an extra set of ears and eyes around her.

What's one weird trait your character has that just happened naturally?

Mara really, really loves shortbread cookies. I figured that out a while back when I needed her to be buying something in the market and landed on shortbread cookies. This little obsession also helped create the NPC Anna the baker, the nice lady who supplies Mara with those cookies and is always rooting for her from the sidelines. She always seems to know what’s going on with Mara before Mara can figure it out, and she makes sure to sneak an extra cookie in for her.

Does your character have a theme song and/or play list? What is it?

This is the current playlist for Mara: Click!
(I’m still working on it, so any suggestions are totally welcome ^_^)

And this is Mara’s old playlist I’ve retired now that her first big character arc is wrapping up: