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Featured Character for October 2018: Merrill

The Maker

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If Merrill had the chance to drink from the Well of Sorrows, would she do it?

"Why wouldn't I? It's there and that's probably what it's for. Learning sometimes means taking risks. Sipping a little magical water won't hurt."

What drew you to play this character?

Her kindness. Merrill is many things; she is smart and more insightful that people giver her credit for, and she has a bravery even she won't always acknowledge. But most importantly, she is kind. I like writing character who have that kindness in them—Niamh has it too—because they help keep me in touch with the kindness in myself. And that's always a good thing.

What's one weird trait your character has that just happened naturally?

I'll sneak in two! First, as I'm writing her, she's gaining much more affinity with animal than she had in Dragon Age 2. We see her do well with Hawke's mabari there, but she also complains that her stinks like a bog. For Thedas Timelines, she's gone so far as to befreind the rat in her hovel.

Second, I feel like she's more visibly sad here than in the games. Maybe she was just hiding it better then. Here, she's even more open and I'm not sure if I've hit the right balance yet but that's where she it at the moment at least.