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Featured Character September 2018: Celeste Monroe

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What was the inspiration for this character?

Definitely strongly influenced by the Firefly TV series and the character of Mal Reynolds. Celeste has that rogue with a heart of gold and a somewhat flexible set of morals vibe going, but she has her own code that she lives by, and nothing in that code is stronger than taking care of her crew.

What single event has defined your character the most?

Meeting Daniel in Antiva City and choosing to run away with him. Prior to that, Celeste was a rebellious rich girl on track to being either married off or given to the Chantry. Daniel and the life that he introduced her to really shaped her into who she is now.

Does your character want to change their lot in life?

Not in the least! She considers herself one of the luckiest people alive. Her philosophy is that if you want something, go after it, and if you can't have something - like Daniel back from the dead - don't waste time brooding about it.

Does your character have a theme song and/or play list? What is it?

Her theme song is probably 'I Take My Chances' by Mary-Chapin Carpenter, while her playlist is a mishmash of tunes from Carpenter, Stan Rogers, Jimmy Buffet and Irish drinking songs.

Who's your favorite crew member to write and why?

They're all fun at different times, but my favorite would have to be Gideon. His unflappable confidence is a good counterpoint to Celeste's restless energy, and his droll sense of humor is always entertaining to tap into.
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