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Featured Character September 2018: Ferren Bairston

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If your character had a D&D alignment, what would it be and why?

I think Ferren straddles a line between Chaotic Good and Neutral Good most of the time. Chaotic Good is a given. He means well, but has very unorthodox ways of achieving that well-meant that don’t always go as planned. I think since moving into the role of Guard Captain he’s toned down those tendencies into neutrality when on the job, meaning he does the right thing regardless of being “by the book,” but doesn’t completely defy the establishment.

If your character could be King/Queen for a day, what would they do with the power?

Let’s be clear that it should never happen, but I don’t think the fallout would be too bad. He’d probably declare all dogs as sacred and try to organize a big dog adoption for all the strays in Denerim, complete with free booze for everyone in attendance.

Also horses would be illegal. And Riane would definitely get to sit on the throne for a few seconds.

Marry, Fuck or Kill - the Warden, Hawke, or inquisitor?

Since it wasn’t specified, I guess I’ll answer this and let Ferren answer it:

“Uh… this is a trick question, right? Look, I’ve only met one o’ them--far as I know--and I don’t think my feelings are strong enough t’kill him. But I don’t know. ‘Inquisitor’ doesn’t sound like somebody you’d want to marry, yeah? So marry them, fuck Hawke, whoever that is, and kill Aedan Cousland? Nobody’s writing this down, right?”

In terms of games, I like canon Cousland but wouldn’t want to be married to a Warden, sooo I guess we’re going with marry Hawke, fuck the Warden, and kill the Inquisitor (sorry whoever that ends up being!)

If you had to choose between the magic curls and Lin, which would it be?

“Okay, who comes up with these questions? Lin? That you? I don’t know what y’want me to say, because obviously I’d pick Lin, but if I don’t have the curls she’d kill me anyway. So I guess I’d pick Lin but be dead. Y’happy now?”

He’d pick Lin. :p Especially if there was an option to have the curls just lose their rumored magical properties but still stay on his head. He can pretend they’re magic still, but he doesn’t historically do too well without someone in his life to balance him out.
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