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Free Drinks & An Open Thread At The Flagon!


Post DAI Timeline
DAO/DA2 Timeline
A new open thread is up in the Dragon's Flagon, Denerim's premier tavern and inn! The date is 25 Firstfall, 9:35, and the first real snowfall of the winter is blanketing the city. Snow Day at the Flagon is a 30 year tradition in Denerim, well known to most of the city's longtime residents, with all food and most of the drinks free until midnight. Mulled wine and cider are the most popular offerings, but ales and regular wines are free, as well as that magical Antivan import, COFFEE (available with or without a shot of whiskey).

The food isn't fancy, but it tastes good, and there is plenty of it: basic Fereldan fare such as shepherd's pie, lamb stew, meat pies and fish & chips.

A basic description of the Flagon can be found here.

The thread - and the tavern - are open to anyone in Denerim. It's a great way to mix things up and connect with new players and characters, so come on over!